What is Perthes Disease?

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What is Perthes Disease?

Perthes Disease

Perthes Disease is an extremely rare condition that occurs during childhood. Blood flow to the head of the femur becomes disrupted, causing a major disruption to the hip. Since the femur receives limited blood, the bone cells begin to die. While it is technically a disease, it is more of a complex process that lasts through multiple stages. The femur begins to break down over time, but eventually, blood flow to the area returns and the bone builds back up. If you’re seeking assistance regarding Perthes Disease, contacting an Orthopedist in Wantagh such as the professionals at Advanced Orthopedics would be a viable option.

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What are the typical symptoms?

Some common symptoms associated with Perthes Disease include:

  • A profound limp
  • Limited motion
  • A strange running style
  • Pain in the hip, groin, thigh, or knee
  • Pain that becomes worse with physical activity
  • Muscle spasms around the hip

What are the causes of Perthes Disease?

The cause of Perthes Disease is currently unknown, but there may be a genetic correlation with the condition.

How does the disease progress?

  • Initial/Necrosis
    • In this stage, the blood flow is interrupted and bone cells begin to die. The area becomes inflamed and irritated, and a limp may become evident.
  • Fragmentation
    • In this stage, which typically lasts between 1-2 years, the body replaces the dead bone with an initial, softer bone. Fragmentation also causes the bone to become fragile, which increases the chance of potential injury.
  • Reossification
    • Lasting a few years, this stage is marked by the development of a stronger bone in place of the weaker, softer bone.
  • Healed
    • In the final stage, the bone is completely formed and healed.

What are the possible treatment options?

There are many different available treatment options, depending on the severity of the individual case:

  • Observation via frequent x-rays
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Limiting activity that could cause stress to the area
  • Physical therapy exercises
  • Casting and bracing
  • Osteotomy (a surgical procedure to reposition the bone)

If you are seeking assistance for Perthes Disease, Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation, an orthopedist in Wantagh, can help to treat your condition. Why should you suffer any longer? Our experienced, knowledgeable and skilled orthopedic surgeon can evaluate your condition and deem whether or not surgery (along with pre and post surgical rehab) is applicable. Contact Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation, an orthopedist in Wantagh, to schedule an appointment today!

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