Benefits of Knee Bracing

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Benefits of Knee Bracing

When you have pain in your knee, a knee brace can provide significant relief and support. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our orthopedist in Brooklyn may utilize knee bracing as a tool for managing your discomfort and improving your ability to get around. Continue reading to discover some of the benefits of knee bracing. 


What are Knee Braces?

Our orthopedist in Brooklyn commonly prescribes knee braces to provide added support for those dealing with knee pain or an injury. In other cases, some people use knee braces to prevent knee injuries during athletic activities. Knee braces come in many different sizes and shapes and are designed with varying materials to suit your individual needs. The different types of knee braces all serve unique purposes:


  • Rehabilitative Braces – Typically used directly after an injury or surgery. Rehabilitative braces keep the knee stable but allow limited movement while healing. 
  • Functional Braces – Provide support to previously injured knees. Individuals often wear them after a significant injury has healed, as they control motion and stabilize the knee. 
  • Unloader Braces – Designed to relieve arthritis pain in the knees. Unloader braces shift weight from the damaged area to a stronger area.
  • Knee Sleeves – While these are not technical knee braces, they are the most common form of knee support. They provide supportive compression around the knee joint and control swelling and pain. 
  • Prophylactic Braces – Designed to protect the knee during contact sports. 


Benefits of Knee Bracing

If a painful knee injury interferes with your everyday routine, treatment from our orthopedist in Brooklyn can help you get moving again. Knee bracing is often recommended as a conservative measure because it can help with several types of knee pain. Our staff will evaluate your specific needs to determine the type of brace that will help. Some of the benefits of knee bracing may include:


  • Reduced pain.
  • Swelling control.
  • Improved blood flow.
  • Stabilization.
  • Support to help you stay active with less pain.


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While there are a variety of knee braces available for you to choose from, our orthopedist in Brooklyn at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation will determine the best fit for you and your unique needs. To learn more about the benefits of knee bracing, be sure to contact us today!

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