Can Walking Help If You Have Arthritis In Your Hip?

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Can Walking Help If You Have Arthritis In Your Hip?

There are plenty of valid reasons you should be walking for exercise. Walking burns calories, improves balance, and improves your heart health. It can also help your bones and muscles become stronger. Walking can be especially beneficial if you have arthritis in your hip. When arthritis in your hips is causing you pain and interfering with life, our Brooklyn orthopedist at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation is here to help. 

Walking With Arthritis In The Hip

Although it may seem uncomfortable and painful, regular exercise can provide you with significant relief from arthritis pain. Exercise can strengthen the muscles surrounding your hip joint and make it more stable, which is why our Brooklyn orthopedist recommends it as part of a hip arthritis treatment. Aerobic exercises aim to improve overall fitness and manage your weight, which leads to less stress on the hip joint. One of the best low-impact aerobic exercises for hip arthritis is walking. Walking is an ideal exercise for hip arthritis for the following reasons:

  • Healthy cartilage – Walking increases blood flow to the cartilage. The nutrient-rich blood is necessary to provide cushioning to the ends of the joints. Walking also helps lubricate the joints, decreasing stiffness and pain and increasing your range of motion. 
  • Weight Loss – Being overweight can put additional strain on weight-bearing joints and exacerbate your arthritis symptoms. Walking burns calories, which can aid in weight loss. Losing a few extra pounds can improve your joint health. 
  • Stronger Muscles – Walking is a great way to strengthen your muscles so they can better protect and support your joints. Stronger muscles can also take the load off of weak joints and decrease pain and stiffness. 

We recommend speaking with our Brooklyn orthopedist to determine if walking is best for you if you’re new to exercise. We can help you develop an effective walking program that won’t aggravate your hip pain. 

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Hip arthritis can be debilitating and interfere with your mobility, but walking can effectively manage your pain. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our Brooklyn orthopedist can provide you with the treatment you need to effectively manage your arthritis. To discover more information about how walking can help, be sure to contact our team today!

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