Is Surgery Required for Elbow Dislocation?

Is Surgery Required for Elbow Dislocation?

The elbow is a joint that provides great movement and stability for performing daily activities. When it becomes dislocated, it can seriously hinder movement. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our Brooklyn orthopedist can help you restore your elbow joint function after a dislocation. If you’re wondering if surgery is necessary for elbow dislocation, continue reading below or contact us for more information. 

Elbow Dislocation

After the shoulder, the elbow joint is the most commonly dislocated major joint. Elbow dislocations are usually the result of a trauma such as falls from heights or car accidents. The elbow joint is inherently stable, and patients dealing with an elbow dislocation may experience considerable pain and swelling. Weakness and inability to move the elbow joint are also signs of an elbow dislocation. The two types of elbow dislocations are simple and complex. Complex dislocations are usually associated with fractures in parts of the elbow. Simple dislocations do not have fractures associated with them. If a simple dislocation has occurred, the elbow joint should be stable after the joint is reduced. However, a Brooklyn Orthopedist might recommend surgery for any of the following conditions:

  • Fractures with dislocations.
  • Severe dislocations that involve damage to the blood vessels and nerves. 
  • Damage to the ligaments holding the joint together. 
  • Recurrent dislocation. 

A dislocated elbow requires immediate treatment in order to return the elbow to its normal alignment. The long-term goal of treatment is to restore function to the arm and relieve pain. Our Brooklyn orthopedist offers a range of conservative and surgical treatment options for elbow dislocations. Our orthopedic specialists will work with you to develop an optimal treatment plan. Depending on your condition, we can also offer the following treatment options:

  • Prescriptions for pain relief or anti-inflammatory medicine.
  • Steroidal injections. 
  • Referral to a physical therapist. 

We understand that each patient has different needs. When faced with an elbow dislocation, you want to work with a trusted team to ensure you achieve the best results and heal as quickly as possible. 

Contact Our Brooklyn Orthopedist

If you’re dealing with an elbow dislocation, you should not hesitate to seek out treatment. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, we are proud to provide our patients with top-quality care. To learn more about treatment options for elbow dislocations or schedule an appointment, contact our team today! 

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