Preventing Sledding Injuries

Preventing Sledding Injuries

How Can Our Orthopedist in Manhasset, NY Help You?

With winter now in full swing, many people will likely now be able to participate in one of their favorite yearly activities, sledding! While this activity is harmless in most cases, it can lead to some devastating injuries when you aren’t careful. Fortunately, our team at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation is here to help. Our orthopedist in Manhasset, NY, will let you know what these injuries are and help provide excellent prevention methods.  

Common Sledding Injuries

Before diving into what prevention methods are beneficial, our team would first need to discuss what type of injuries can be suffered from sledding. Although some are minor, others can lead to a swift decrease in one’s quality of life. Some of the most common injuries can include:

  • Bone breaks.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Joint dislocations.
  • Muscle contusions.
  • Concussions.

How Can Sledding Injuries Be Prevented?

Most people who head to the hills to go sledding can spend the entire day performing this activity without becoming injured. However, not all people are this lucky. Many will find themselves in need of our orthopedist in Manhasset, NY, to make a full recovery. Fortunately, we have a few ways to avoid the need for this to happen. Examples of beneficial prevention methods to consider can include:

  • Always sit facing forward on the sled.
  • Examine the area where sledding is taken place for any potential hazards.
  • Wear a helmet to avoid possible concussions.
  • Make sure to dress warmly.
  • Avoid going sledding near roads at all costs.   

When To See A Doctor

Sometimes even the most mundane of activities can cause minor aches and bruises. This is often the case for those who go sledding. However, not every bruise needs to be checked out. That is why you must understand when medical care is necessary. Pain that does not subside after a few days of rest is a sign to watch for. Increased swelling, limited mobility, and inability to bear weight on an injured area also point to professional treatment being needed.

Contact Our Orthopedist in Manhasset, NY

This winter, don’t let sledding become anything more than a fun activity. By following our advice, some of the most common prevention methods, these injuries can be avoided. For more information, be sure to contact our orthopedist in Manhasset, NY, at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation today.  


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