Patellar Tendonitis, also referred to as “jumper’s knee,” is a common injury to those who are constantly jumping and putting pressure on their knees. The patella connects your kneecap to your shin bone and can cause pain in the kneecap area leading to the front of the shin. While people who jump a lot tend to get this injury, it is also possible to get it from overuse of the knees and degeneration of the tissue.

If you have suffered a rotator cuff injury and are seeking a Brooklyn orthopedist, Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation can help.

If you’re a baseball pitcher or work a construction job, you may be familiar with the rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff is located at the shoulder joint and is what holds the joint in place while also allowing the arm to be mobile. When swinging your arm up and down, especially from overhead as a baseball pitcher does, this group of muscles and tendons can tear or move out of place, causing pain and potentially immobility of the shoulder joint.

When the sun is high in the sky and the spring showers have come and gone, it is a great time of year to start getting active. Outdoor activities can keep you happy and healthy, but only if you know how to stay safe throughout the Summer fun. Being knowledgeable about the potential for injuries during your favorite activities can make a world of a difference in preventing injuries from ever occurring in the first place.

Our orthopedist in Brooklyn at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation can help you learn the safest ways to stay active and have fun and can also help treat any injuries that may arise.

Have you recently suffered from a hand injury and are searching for a Brooklyn orthopedist? We use our hands every single day, so it’s pretty common to receive hand injuries when participating in any activity where we may be putting extra force on them. You may have injured it while playing a sport, or working on a home improvement project, or maybe even while doing a normal activity where your hand bends the wrong way.

Signs of Hip Dysplasia

Living with hip dysplasia does not have to run your life anymore. Adult hip dysplasia can be diagnosed by a physician through a hip examination or x-ray. When you have hip dysplasia your body will show a few different symptoms. Doctors will ask you exactly what kind of pain you are experiencing and where it is located. Not all people will have the same exact symptoms. This can range from adolescents to adults. If you are living in or around Nassau County and are searching for a Valley Stream orthopedist, Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation is here to help.

Osteoporosis is not easily diagnosed without medical attention. It creeps up on you slowly over time and usually comes with no real symptoms until the moment you break a bone doing something that should’ve only left you with a minor bruise. Osteoporosis results in weak or brittle bones and can be diagnosed by a medical professional through the use of bone density tests and scans.

Having severe muscle and joint pain?  It may be in your best interest to visit the Valley Stream Orthopedist at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation.  Muscle and joint pain can be treated by an orthopedist and we recommend coming in to get the help you need before your pain can get worse.  By contacting us at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, we can guarantee you that you will be back to your normal self, pain-free.

Although it is important to exercise regularly, heavy physical activity can have negative impacts on your joints. If you have an existing injury or are suffering from joint pain or discomfort, low-impact exercises may be beneficial to you. These types of exercises can help prevent joint or muscle injury. However, in the event that you do experience an exercise or motion-related injury, our orthopedist in Brooklyn can help you.