Shoulder Pain From Working At Home

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Shoulder Pain From Working At Home

Working from home has become a standard practice for many individuals. Unfortunately, as a result, shoulder pain and injuries have become more common in people that work at home. If your shoulders are aching more since you’ve been working from home, our orthopedist in Garden City NY at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation can help. We can identify the causes of your shoulder pain and provide quality treatment to alleviate your symptoms. Please continue reading below to discover more about shoulder pain from working from home. 

Shoulder Pain When Working At Home

Over the past year, many people have had to adapt to remote working situations quickly. While these new adjustments have eliminated long commutes, there has been an increase in shoulder pain. Crouching over a laptop for several hours each day can lead to shoulder impingement, bursitis, and even tendonitis because of abnormal posture. This abnormal posture can alter the mechanics around your shoulder and lead to injuries outside of the home office. Any shoulder pain is worth getting looked at by our orthopedist in Garden City NY before it develops into a more severe condition. Our team will evaluate your condition and pinpoint the cause of your shoulder pain, and customize your treatment plan to help get you back to health. 

Preventing Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can hinder your mobility and negatively impact your performance at work. Working from home requires some adjustment, and setting up your workspace properly is crucial for your comfort. Some ways you can improve your setup and avoid shoulder pain could include:

  • Position your computer monitor at eye level to ensure your neck and shoulders are in a neutral position. If you have a laptop instead of a desktop, place it on a surface that is at elbow height. 
  • Switch up your position and location frequently to increase your circulation. 
  • Incorporate shoulder movements throughout the day to maintain flexibility and range of motion. 

If you find that your shoulder pain doesn’t improve with ergonomic changes and home remedies, our orthopedist in Garden City NY offers various treatment options to help manage your pain. 

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Many people experience shoulder aches and pain when working from home. Adjusting your workspace and lifestyle habits to be more ergonomically friendly can help you avoid nagging shoulder pain. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our orthopedist specializes in treating all types of shoulder pain. Contact our orthopedist in Garden City NY today to schedule an appointment!

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