Shoveling Tips To Avoid Shoulder Pain

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Shoveling Tips To Avoid Shoulder Pain

Snow is sure to appear in the upcoming weather forecasts. Shoveling snow is a necessary but tedious cold weather chore that can lead to significant shoulder pain if you aren’t careful. Our Brooklyn orthopedist at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation would like to share some tips to help you avoid shoulder and back pain when shoveling snow. Continue reading to learn more!

Shoveling Tips To Avoid Shoulder Pain

Shoveling is an unavoidable part of New York winters. For some, this activity can result in painful rotator cuff strains or tears that can leave you unable to move your shoulder for the rest of the season. The next time you have to shovel snow, keep these tips from our Brooklyn orthopedist in mind and prevent undue shoulder pain:

  • Use your legs – Shoveling snow requires the use of all your muscles. Always try to push snow whenever possible, but use your legs when lifting heavy snow. Avoid hauling snow over your shoulders and twisting your back to prevent shoulder pain and injuries. 
  • Mind your posture – Always remember to bend from the waist and avoid hunching. A slight squat will keep you from placing undue strain on your shoulders and back to prevent soreness. 
  • Work in sections – Avoid tackling an entire area of snow at once and remove it in layers if possible. Taking on too much at once can cause fatigue and injuries. 
  • Alternate sides- Removing snow can be a long and arduous process. Take frequent breaks and switch sides periodically to prevent overuse in one shoulder. 
  • Use short strokes to gather snow – Try to use short, quick strokes to collect the snow closest to you. Extending your arm too far can cause muscle pain in your shoulders, so keep your movements choppy. 

If you still experience shoulder pain after shoveling, you should not hesitate to seek treatment from Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation. Our experts will devise a treatment plan to ensure a speedy recovery, so you don’t have to spend the rest of the winter in pain.

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Winter snow is unavoidable this time of year, so use these tips to protect your shoulders and prevent pain! Our Brooklyn orthopedist specializes in diagnosing and treating various shoulder conditions and can help you overcome any injuries that arise. Be sure to contact Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation today to learn more and request an appointment! 

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