Spring Sports Safety

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Spring Sports Safety

Spring is rapidly approaching, and many are preparing for the rigorous sports season ahead. From baseball, softball, running, and more, there are several spring sports for athletes to enjoy. However, spring is often the time of year when our Brooklyn orthopedist sees more injuries. Our orthopedist at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation can help you stay competition ready and help you back on the field after a sports injury. Continue reading to learn more about spring sports safety! 

Spring Sports Safety 

No matter where you are on the athletic scale, you may be at a higher risk of injury when springtime rolls around. Recovering from a spring sports injury means inconvenience, pain, and not getting to play with your teammates. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep your body in top shape and lower your risk of injury. Here are some spring sports safety tips from our Brooklyn orthopedist:

  • Ease into the season – Most people lose some of their fitness during the winter. If you try to dive into your sport right away and perform at a high level, you could potentially become injured. Gradually ramp up your activity and build your strength and stamina to protect yourself. 
  • Consistently warm up – Warm ups before practice or a game are easy to skip. A consistent warm up routine should be a regular practice to prevent injury for any athletes. This routine should involve stretching or some light cardio to increase your heart rate and loosen your muscles. 
  • Cross-train – Training the same muscle groups every day for your sport can lead to muscle imbalance. Participating in cross-training activities can help you find balance in your routine and avoid injuries. 
  • Rest – Recovery is just as important as exercise. Make sure you take recovery days and avoid training the same muscle groups every day. 

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While our Brooklyn orthopedist is well-versed in sports medicine, we would prefer that you avoid injuries. Staying proactive with injury prevention during the spring season can help keep you on the field with your teammates. If you suspect you’ve sustained a sports injury or have questions about returning to your sport safely, our team at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation is here to help! Be sure to contact our orthopedist today to schedule an appointment! 

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