The Best Exercises After A Knee Replacement

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The Best Exercises After A Knee Replacement

The knees bear the most of our body weight and are critical for running and walking movements. If knee pain and instability interfere with your ability to perform the activities you love, a knee replacement surgery may be what you need to achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our orthopedist in Garden City would like to share some of the best exercises you can do after a knee replacement to get you back to function. Continue reading to learn more. 

Best Exercises After A Knee Replacement 

Regaining your strength and range of motion after knee replacement surgery is crucial to regain the ability to do the activities that are important to you. It’s essential to consult with our orthopedist in Garden City before starting any new physical activity after your surgery. From there, our orthopedist will work with you to create a plan for suitable exercises. Exercise can help strengthen the knee muscles, keep you more mobile in the long run, relieve stress, and help you manage your weight. If you’ve had a knee replacement, here are some of the best exercises to work into your exercise routine:

  • Elliptical and Stationary Bike – These cardiovascular exercises strengthen the quadricep muscles, which is particularly important after a knee replacement since the quadriceps are critical to movement and stability in the knees. These are non-impact exercises, which are safer for your knees. 
  • Heel Slides – Bending the affected knee after surgery can be painful but vital to prevent scar tissue buildup. Lie on your back with your normal knee straight in front of you. Bend the operated knee, sliding the heel close to your buttocks. Stop if you feel pain, but stay at this angle for a few seconds before sliding the heel away from your buttocks. Perform three sets of ten repetitions, and rest. 
  • Knee Push-Downs – Try this exercise to strengthen your quads. Lie down on your back with a towel rolled up under your ankles. Drive your knees down towards the floor by tightening your thigh muscles. Hold this tightened position for about five seconds, then repeat twenty times. 

*Before starting any exercise regimen, please consult a physician at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation or other medical professional.

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Regular exercise will consistently improve strength and mobility in your knees. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our orthopedist in Garden City is here to help you if you encounter any issues after a knee replacement surgery. We can also help advise you on more exercises to improve your condition. Be sure to contact our team today to learn more!

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