Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries

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Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries

Sports are an excellent way for many individuals to exercise, socialize, and hone their skills on a team. However, sports injuries can quickly take the enjoyment out of your favorite activity or keep you on the bench for a season. Prevention is essential to keep playing the sport you love. Our sports medicine doctors in Brooklyn at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation would like to share some ways you can avoid sports injuries. Continue reading to discover more!


Ways To Prevent Sports Injuries

Even the most elite athletes are not immune to sports accidents. One of the most common ways athletes sustain sports injuries is from overuse. When you place significant, prolonged strain on one area of your body, you risk developing an overuse injury. Inadequate warmups and limited mobility can lead to injuries, and environmental changes can also increase your chances of getting hurt. While accidents can happen, many sports injuries can be prevented. Here are some of the best ways you can avoid a sports injury:


  • Warm-up and cool down – It’s crucial to warm up before exercising or playing sports to get your blood flowing and loosen up stiff muscles and joints. You should also stretch after the activity to allow your muscles to cool down. 
  • Ease into activity – If you’ve taken a long break between sports seasons, you should gradually ease into your training. It’s essential to avoid pushing yourself beyond your limits and progressively build the duration of your activity. 
  • Cross Train – Many athletes work on one set of muscle groups intensely, so train different areas of your body each day to avoid overuse and improve your overall athletic output. 
  • Get evaluated – You don’t need to be injured to benefit from seeing sports medicine doctors in Brooklyn. Our experts can perform a pre-season evaluation to ensure your body is in peak condition before the sports season begins. At the first sign of pain or injury, consulting with a sports medicine doctor can help save you from the bench. 


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When it comes to sports, prevention should be just as important as practice. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our sports medicine doctors in Brooklyn will carefully evaluate and understand your needs to help you avoid injuries and become a better athlete overall! To learn more ways to prevent sports injuries, contact us and request an appointment today! 

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