What Are The First Signs Of Hip Problems?

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What Are The First Signs Of Hip Problems?

Hip problems can severely impact your daily routine. Hip problems can cause pain and become a concern for many people as they age and maintain an active lifestyle. Our Brooklyn orthopedist at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation would like to share some of the first signs of hip problems you should be aware of so you can pinpoint the problem early on and treat the issue. Continue reading to learn more!


First Signs of Hip Problems

The hip is a critical ball and socket joint that enables your legs to move fluidly. Your thigh bone and pelvis are connected by ligaments and cartilage and surrounded by a vast network of muscles and tendons. Hip problems can stem from various causes, and the location of your hip pain can help determine the underlying cause. This can include problems in the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and soft tissues surrounding the hip joint. Your hip problems can also result from lower back, spine, or groin issues. While hip problems are commonly associated with aging, anyone can develop issues without proper care. Some of the telltale signs of hip problems include:


  • Groin or Hip Pain – This pain is localized between the hip and knee and can be felt during physical activity or sleep. This type of pain can contribute to loss of motion in the hip. 
  • Stiffness – Stiffness in the hip joint can make simple activities like putting on shoes or picking up something from the ground difficult. Stiffness is an early sign of hip problems. 
  • Tenderness and Swelling – Swelling and tenderness can occur on the outer skin of the hip or internally. If swelling in your hip does not subside in a few days or becomes debilitating, it’s essential to consult with our orthopedist right away. 
  • Limping – If you start to limp when walking, this is a severe symptom of a hip problem. Your limping may be acute or chronic and should be treated with proper care by our Brooklyn orthopedist. 


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No matter the root cause of your hip problem, acting early on your symptoms can get you back to activity much faster. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our team will pinpoint the root cause of your hip problems and determine the best course of action to get you back to full health. Be sure to contact our Brooklyn orthopedist today to learn more or request an appointment! 


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