What is a Snapping Hip?

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What is a Snapping Hip?

Joint and bone pain can make the simplest tasks in life difficult. If you are experiencing hip pain, the team at Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation offers state-of-the-art treatment so that you can live a happy and pain-free life. Our orthopedist in Garden City NY will evaluate your condition to determine the cause of your hip pain whether it is a simple strain or snapping hip. For more information on snapping hip, see below.

What Is A Snapping Hip?

Snapping hip is a hip condition that when a person flexes and extends their hip, there is a popping sound. The popping sounds come from the joint tissue catching onto the bony parts of the hip. Our orthopedist in Garden City NY can do an X-ray or MRI test to investigate any sounds your hip joint might be making.

When To See A Doctor

It is essential to realize there is a problem and stop it before it becomes worse. Allowing the pain to continue will only cause further problems in the future. Here are some recommended signs of when to see a doctor:

  • You have difficulty walking.
  • Clicking sounds when moving.
  • An immense amount of pain.
  • Stiffness.
  • Pain that continues to get worse.

Causes Of A Snapping Hip

Several factors can cause a snapping hip. A snapping hip can be caused by a sports injury or a traumatic injury that causes damage to the hip. The IT band, Iliopsoas tendon, or a Labrum tear are the most common underlying causes. Our Orthopedist in Garden City NY can find the source of the problem to give you the best solution.

Treatment Of A Snapping Hip

Treatment of a snapping hip depends on the severity of the problem. If it is severe, surgery may need to be performed. There are also medications and cortisone shots to reduce swelling and pain. Physical therapy options are also available before and after surgery. 

Contact Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Prevention

If you are suffering from extreme hip pain, a snapping hip may be the problem. Our orthopedist in Garden City NY is dedicated to helping our patients by supplying orthopedic care for hip problems. By scheduling an appointment with Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation, you can relieve your pain and better your life. Contact our office today to learn more! 

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