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Dan Skoglund (Hip)

The Fun is Back for Trident® Hip Recipient

Dan Skoglund could handle putting his own life on hold, but his four-year-old daughter couldn’t wait. “My situation is severe degenerative osteoarthritis, and it’s idiopathic. That’s the medical term for they don’t know. It started about 14 years ago. I was about 31 years old, and I had very, very sharp pain walking around.”

Over nine years of living with painful, bone-on-bone osteoarthritis in his hips, he had given up all the activities he loved — football, basketball, volleyball, running, bicycling, downhill and water skiing. “My life got progressively less active, less fun, and less participative.”

He didn’t want to miss his daughter’s childhood, too. When he went to the doctor’s office, he knew his problem was a major one. “I’ll never forget laying down in the X-ray room and hearing the radiologist who had taken the X-ray go, “Oh, my God.”

Faced with so many things he couldn’t do, Dan took charge to regain control of his life. He met with surgeons and conducted extensive Internet research. After pouring through FDA clinical trial data and research reports regarding the revolutionary new Stryker Orthopaedics Trident® Ceramic Acetabular System, he tracked down a lead clinical trial surgeon and scheduled surgery.

Since then, he has been living his life in twos. Over two weeks, he had two hip surgeries. Two weeks later, he was walking without crutches. In another two months he was walking as a morning workout. And now, he can take his daughter and her mom ice-skating and biking without painful repercussions.

“It’s great to get my life back again,” says Dan. “I keep reading all these stories of post-operation ‘hippies,’ as we call ourselves, and it seems to be a common thread — you get your life back.”

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.

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