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Jason Baker (Hip)

Trident® Hip Fits “Type-A” Lifestyle Perfectly

When Jason Baker’s orthopaedic surgeon showed him X-rays of his 30-year-old, bone-on-bone joints, he asked, “Where did you get these hips from?” For Jason, the more important question was “How soon can I get them fixed?”

For years, the “Type A” athlete and corporate recruiter had been feeling progressively intense hip and rear muscle pain, which had thrown doctors off track because it seemed to emanate from his groin. Finally diagnosed with genetic osteoarthritis, he was determined to correct the problem and get on with life.

Referred to a surgeon who was involved in trials for Stryker’s Trident® ceramic-on-ceramic hip, he scheduled surgery during a break between jobs in November 2002. Within a week of replacing the worse right hip, he was walking without pain. A month later, he walked close to 70 blocks in New York City, drove back to Pennsylvania, and got out of the car unhampered by the old, dreaded pain and numbness.

Outside of initial surgical soreness and stiffness, he continues to recover better than expected. With the benefit of uninterrupted, pain-free sleep, he is back to enjoying all his favorite sports and weekend activities. Recently married, he is also looking forward to playing with his kids someday.

“A lot of people told me I was crazy to have the surgery at such a young age,” says Jason. “The lesson I learned is I’m not willing to give up my way of life because of something like this. The fact that I had the surgery at 30, and now my life is back to normal, should indicate why people should do it. I couldn’t be happier!”

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.

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