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Sally Dowaliby (Knee)

Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery Makes Nana’s Grandchildren Proud

“Nana walks funny.” For Sally Dowaliby, 71, these kinds of comments from her grandchildren and others finally convinced her to do something about the arthritis in her knees that made her walk with a pronounced limp and take steps one painful stair at a time.

“I didn’t really think I needed a knee replacement,” says Sally. “But everybody else did.” Finding out she could have minimally invasive surgery with a top notch local surgeon convinced her “now’s the time.” She says that the new minimally invasive procedure is “unbelievable.”

Sally left the hospital shortly after surgery, and was off pain medication and left her walker behind soon thereafter. “My recovery was phenomenally fast,” she says. “It’s amazing!” Now walking straighter, she has eliminated problems with her left ankle and heel, and doesn’t think she’ll need surgery on her right knee.

Married 44 years, she is looking forward to spending more active time traveling with her retired golf-pro husband, and keeping up with their three grown children and eight grandchildren. She may even take up golf now that her bad knee no longer impedes her swing. But her greatest reward is the day-to-day difference. “Nana, you’re walking normal now,” the little ones say. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.