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Dave Edwards (Knee)

Passionate Outdoorsman Gets His Active Life Back

“One day I was up in Alba skiing in two feet of fresh powder on a beautiful sunny day, and I couldn’t even finish a run, my knee hurt so badly.” Dave Edwards is a passionate outdoorsman who especially loves the thrill of skiing, fishing, and pushing life to the edge. But when pain forced him off the slopes, it was time for Dave to take a look at getting his knee joint replaced. “The pain got so intense, I just couldn’t do any of the activities I wanted to do, and for me that’s not living anymore.”

Dave noticed the improvement immediately after his operation. “The moment I woke up from surgery, I noticed the arthritis pain I’d been suffering all along was gone.” Because Dave had previous work done on the knee, his recovery was a little more demanding than most, but Dave toughed it out. “I just knew I had to hang in there.” And he’s glad he did.

Now recovered, Dave is thankful to have his active life back. “To just walk in the stream when I’m fishing used to kill me. Now it’s pleasant again.”

Dave has learned to rely on his new Stryker knee and is quite pleasantly surprised by the strength and functionality. “It’s become my strong leg rather than my weak leg.”

In fact, the surgery was so successful, he is now considering having his other knee replaced. “I’m quite impressed with the Stryker knee itself.”

Just like Jack Nicklaus, Dave is quite pleased to have his life back. “I’m back to the level of activity I’ve always enjoyed.”

Results not typical and may vary by individual. Not all patients will reach the same activity level.