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Remmer Schuetz (Knee)

Auctioneer Sold on New Stryker Knees

Seventy-year-old Remmer Schuetz is not a man who sits on his laurels. But after 15 years of suffering from knee pain, that’s just what the Dundee, IL, resident had resigned himself to doing. An active auctioneer and expert restorer of antique tractors, Remmer became accustomed to keeping his eye out for a nearby chair. “My knees were worn out from years of abuse — too much hard work. It got to the point where I would just drop. All I could do was look for a place to sit down. I was always looking for a place to sit down — it hurt just to stand up,” explained Remmer.

“When I could hardly walk, and it got to the point where it was slowing me down to nothing, I knew I had to do something. It was no way to live. So you start asking everyone you see who’s had joint replacement what their experience was like. My neighbor had it done with Dr. Schroeder and had an excellent experience, so I went to see him.” Dr. Schroeder suggested partial knee replacement to rid just the diseased portion of Remmer’s knee. “You’ve got to trust your doctor and like your doctor. Dr. Schroeder explained everything to me and didn’t use any terminology that would have left me confused. I’m just a farm boy who’s worked in dirt and iron all my life, but when he was through showing me the X-ray and explaining what he wanted to do, I understood everything.”

After undergoing a successful Stryker EIUS® Uni Knee System procedure on his right knee, he went back to get his left knee done less than a year later. “I had my surgery on a Friday at 7 a.m. and was home by 4 p.m. That Monday I went to see my surgeon who removed my brace. Tuesday I threw my walker away. Wednesday I threw my cane away. The following Friday I moderated two auctions and felt great.”

In addition to auctioneering, Remmer has over 50 Case tractors with the oldest being from 1918 to the newest, which is from 1963. Through his skills and passion, all of his tractors run perfectly well. To restore these antiques, Remmer is constantly bending and squatting, which had been painful for him before he underwent partial knee replacement.

Moderating three auctions a month where he sells anything and everything, Remmer was used to standing all day long. Even when he was in pain he never missed one. “I would just grit my teeth and go out there. I would sit if I had to. Now I can go to an auction and be on my feet from 7 in the morning to 7 at night and not be in pain. I’m not like I was when I was 20, but I’m 70. I farm a bit, bale hay, load hay, and drive tractors. I still put in 12-hour days. I’m active, and I am no longer in pain.”

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