Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery 3

Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

Getting Your House Ready

Some common things in your home may now be dangerous. To prevent falls, you should remove or watch out for:

  • Long phone or electrical cords that lie across the floor
  • Loose rugs or carpet
  • Furniture you might trip over in stairs and hallways
  • Stacks of books, piles of magazines,mail, etc.
  • Pets that run in your path
  • Water spills on bare floors
  • Bare bathroom tile or slippery floors
  • Ice or mildew on outdoor steps

It would also help to:

  • Arrange the most frequently used kitchen utensils and food on shelves and counters that can be reached easily.
  • Have a chair or stool handy in the kitchen to sit in while preparing and cooking food.
  • Leave most frequently used dishes in the dish rack, and most frequently used foods in the most accessible cabinets.
  • Have a rolling cart to take food from the refrigerator to the counter, and from the counter to the table.
  • Have a walker bag or apron with pockets to carry small items such as glasses, books, silverware, etc.
  • Attach a cup holder to your walker to carry drinks in covered cups.
  • Arrange for someone to care for or feed your pets.