Surgery Expectations 3

Surgery Expectations

Day of Surgery

What type of anesthesia will I have?
Most cases are performed under spinal anesthesia. Unless there is a recommendation to the contrary from the anesthesiologist, this is the method preferred. You will be meeting with the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery and at that time any questions or concerns regarding this will be addressed.

How long will the surgery take?
Surgery times may vary depending upon the difficulty of your case. The surgery may take several hours. Generally, you may spend 2-3 hours in surgery and 2-3 hours in the recovery room.

Will the surgeon see my family immediately after the surgery is completed?
The surgeon or one of his assisting surgeons will try to meet with family members immediately after surgery. If for any reason the family misses seeing the surgeon, they should contact the surgeon’s office the next day and all efforts will be made to arrange a time for the surgeon and family to discuss the patient’s surgery.