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Orthopedist Garden City NY

Orthopedist in Garden City, NY

orthopedist garden city ny

Our orthopedist in Garden City NY,  Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov, is a specialist who focuses on conditions, diseases and injuries to the joints, bones and spine.  He has many focuses, however, an important facet of his profession involves performing surgical procedures on patients who require specialized musculoskeletal care. In other words, he treats any complications pertaining to the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles in your body. Orthopedists are extremely well adept and are capable of performing a wide variety of musculoskeletal procedures.

If you are looking for an Orthopedist Garden City NY that you can trust, we suggest speaking with our Orthopedist Garden City NY at Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation. Not only are our doctors very experienced, but they strive to give every patient the attention and care they deserve while also keeping them well informed.  The esteemed Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov and the rest of his skilled staff are able to perform several orthopedic procedures and can ensure that you are always receiving high-quality care.

What are some of the procedures that an orthopedist can perform?

Since orthopedists treat all issues surrounding the musculoskeletal system, there are a vast number of procedures that they can perform. After careful evaluation, your Orthopedist Garden City NY will recommend the best course of treatment and the most optimal medical procedure for your ailment to help you heal quickly and properly. Here are some of the most common procedures orthopedists perform:

  • Bone fracture repair – This procedure is necessary when a bone is fractured and the pieces need to be repositioned so the bone can heal properly. Customarily, this is done through the use of foreign devices such as screws, pins, or metal plates.
  • Bone fusion – For this procedure, grafts are used to replace any missing bone to help heal a bone fracture. 
  • Osteotomy – In this procedure, a bone is shortened or lengthened to help fix any improper alignment.  
  • Spine fusion – A spine fusion is performed in order to fuse together vertebrae that have been separated in the spine.
  • Debridement – In this procedure, any damaged soft tissues or bones are removed from the body.
  • Pinched nerve procedure – When too much pressure is being applied to a nerve, a procedure can be done to help relieve pressure on the affected area.
  • Herniated disc procedure – A procedure is done to correct any problems with the cushions between the vertebrae in your spine.
  • Arthroscopy – Using an arthroscope, any damage or problems occurring inside a joint can be treated.
  • Joint replacement – If a joint has been damaged and is worn down, a procedure can be done to replace that joint with a prosthesis.  
  • Soft tissue repair – This procedure can be used to repair any torn ligaments or tendons in the body.

How an Orthopedist Garden City NY can help treat you?

Orthopedists are capable of performing all different kinds of procedures involving the musculoskeletal system. If you need a procedure done, it’s important to have an orthopedist you can trust to give you the care you need. Consider visiting an Orthopedist Garden City NY for any orthopedic care your body requires. The orthopedists at Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation can help you get back to pain-free, comfortable living as quickly as possible.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Treating Tennis Elbow

Although the name may have you thinking otherwise, tennis elbow is not an injury that is suffered only by those who play the sport. In reality, anyone who overuses their elbow joint is subject to developing this problem. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our team is well versed in treating this injury. Our Orthopedist Garden City NY, can utilize a variety of methods that can better improve your condition. For more information regarding these treatments, please contact a member of our team

Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

The first step in receiving treatment for your tennis elbow is understanding the signs of this injury. Waiting too long to seek out care can lead to permanent damage taking place in the joint. To help prevent this from happening, our Orthopedist Garden City NY, recommends seeking treatment when the below symptoms become present:

  • Pain on the outside of the elbow.
  • Pain that radiates from the elbow into your forearm and wrist.
  • Problems with one’s grip due to pain.  
  • Inability to straighten your wrist.

Immobilizing The Elbow

One of the most efficient ways to treat tennis elbow is for our team at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation to immobilize the joint. When the tendons in the elbow become overused, the pain and discomfort begin. They will need time to rest to help you make a full recovery. To facilitate this process, we may give you a brace or sling to keep your elbow in a steady position for an extended period. 

Invasive Surgery

In more extreme cases of tennis elbow, surgery may be required to fix the problem. During the procedure, our Orthopedist Garden City NY, will remove the damaged section of the tendon, while the remaining portion is repaired. Due to its invasive nature, surgery will only be recommended if all other treatment options fail.  

Additional Methods

Immobilizations and surgery are not the only two ways to treat tennis elbow. When you visit our facility for care, our Orthopedist Garden City NY, will perform a full assessment of your condition to determine which treatment method is right for you. After the evaluation, any of the below options could be recommended:

  • Icing the elbow.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications.
  • A series of range of motion exercises.
  • Referring patients to a physical therapist.
  • Steroid injections

Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov – Orthopedist Garden City NY 

If you’ve been living with tennis elbow, don’t wait another minute to seek treatment. Contact our Orthopedist Garden City NY, and take your first steps towards getting back to being pain-free.

Treating Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Are you someone who tends to lean on their elbows throughout the day? Have you also started to experience numbness and tingling in this area? Signs like these two often point to the condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, we’re well versed in this condition. Our Orthopedist Garden City NY will let you know the likely cause of this condition and how treatment can be administered.

What Is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

Cubital tunnel syndrome is also known as ulnar neuropathy. It takes place when the ulnar nerve becomes compressed. The ulnar nerve runs close to the surface of your skin, and travels through a part of the elbow that most people refer to as the “funny bone.” Our Orthopedist Garden City NY warns that any of the below stimulants can lead to the development of this condition:

  • Leaning on your elbow too often.
  • Keeping your elbow bent for an extended period.
  • Abnormal bone growth.
  • Repetitive overuse of the elbow, such as the repeated twisting from a baseball pitcher.

Symptoms Of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

When you begin to experience pain in the elbow, it’s crucial to have the issue diagnosed and corrected immediately. The longer you let an elbow issue linger, the more likely it will increase in severity. Our Orthopedist Garden City NY can help prevent this from happening. Our team will perform a full evaluation of your condition to offer a proper diagnosis before creating a treatment plan. Some of the symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of cubital tunnel syndrome include:

  • Pain.
  • Numbness.
  • Tingling that radiates to the fingers.
  • Inability to pinch thumb and little finger.
  • Issues with your grip.

Treatment Options

Once it has been determined that cubital tunnel syndrome is to blame for your problems, a treatment plan can start. There are various methods our Orthopedist Garden City NY can utilize to relieve your symptoms and get you back to full strength. Examples of what can be done depending on the severity of your condition may include:

  • Wearing a splint to prevent over-bending the elbow.
  • Using protective padding over your elbow during your physical activities.
  • In severe cases, surgery to decrease compression.

Local Orthopedist Garden City NY

There is no need to spend the entirety of your life dealing with elbow pain. Our team will be there for you from the initial diagnosis until treatment has been completed at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation. To schedule a much-needed appointment with our Orthopedist Garden City NY, contact us today.

Treating Your Meralgia Paresthetica

Have you recently begun to experience burning, tingling, and numbness around your outer thigh? Are these feelings of discomfort beginning to affect your everyday life? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you may be dealing with the condition known as meralgia paresthetica. Here at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, we’ve seen many patients battle with this issue in the past. Fortunately, our Orthopedist Garden City NY, Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov, is well versed in this ailment and can help get you back to full strength.

What is Meralgia Paresthetica?

Meralgia paresthetica is a condition that takes place when the nerve that supplies sensations to the outer thigh becomes compressed. This compression can be caused by weight gain, tight clothing, and in some cases pregnancy. Fortunately, our Orthopedist Garden City NY can create a plan that will help to resolve the symptoms you are experiencing. The most common symptoms take place on the outer portion of your thigh, and they can include the following:

  • Tingling.
  • Numbness.
  • Burning sensations.
  • Pain that worsens when standing or walking.

Risk Factors

Meralgia paresthetica takes place when your lateral femoral cutaneous nerve becomes compressed or pinched. While this nerve is a sensory one, it does not control your ability to use your leg muscles, meaning you’ll still have full control of this area should this condition take place. Although meralgia paresthetica may not be able to be avoided at times, there are risk factors that increase the likelihood of you suffering from this issue. These may include the following:

  • Wearing tight belts, pants, and corsets.
  • Obesity.
  • Significant weight gain.
  • Pregnancy.
  • The development of scar tissue near the nerve.


The symptoms of meralgia paresthetica do not need to last a lifetime. Our Orthopedist Garden City NY can craft a treatment plan that will provide the most optimal results. Such treatment methods can include any of the following:

  • Corticosteroid injections.
  • Surgery to decompress the nerve.
  • Recommending lifestyle changes such as losing weight and avoiding certain clothes.

Schedule An Appointment With Our Orthopedist in Garden City,  NY

Trying to walk around with persistent leg pain can quickly prove to be a difficult and unmanageable task. If this has been happening to you, consider scheduling an appointment with our Orthopedist Garden City NY. They will be able to provide a proper diagnosis and move forward with the most beneficial treatment plan. To learn more about meralgia paresthetica and how you can overcome this condition, be sure to contact our team today!

 Treating Osteonecrosis

At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our goal is to help our patients overcome the issues they are dealing with that create pain. If you’ve been diagnosed with osteonecrosis of the knee, our Orthopedist Garden City NY will be there for you by providing quality orthopedic treatment.  Our team is well versed in this condition, and we will provide the treatment that is needed to help you manage your symptoms. To learn more about osteonecrosis, and how it can be dealt with, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov. 

What Is Osteonecrosis?

Also referred to as avascular necrosis, osteonecrosis is a condition where bone tissue begins to die due to a lack of blood flow. This death of the tissue can lead to the formation of tiny breaks in the bone, and eventually, its total collapse. Even though osteonecrosis can affect anyone, our Orthopedist Garden City NY warns that it is most commonly found in those between the ages of 30 and 50.


Osteonecrosis takes place when blood flow to your bones has been interrupted. There are many different instances that can lead to this development. Below are a few examples of what can cause the onset of osteonecrosis:

  • Joint or bone trauma that damages nearby blood vessels.
  • Fatty deposits in the blood vessels that begin to block normal blood flow.
  • Medical conditions such as sickle cell anemia and Gaucher’s disease.

Additional Risk Factors

While some risk factors may be out of your control, others can be avoided by making lifestyle changes. Our Orthopedist Garden City NY highly recommends you consider these adjustments, as it could mean the difference between bone damage and remaining pain-free. Risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing osteonecrosis include:

  • Experiencing physical trauma.
  • Steroid use.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Certain medical treatments. 

Treating Osteonecrosis   

Seeking out treatment for this condition right away can mitigate the chances of long term effects taking place. Our Orthopedist Garden City NY is well versed in this area and can provide you with the treatment that you need for your recovery. Depending on the severity of the condition, any of the below may be utilized:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Osteoporosis medication.
  • Blood thinners.
  • Range of motion exercises.
  • Electronic stimulation.
  • In extreme cases, surgery.

Contact Us

When your knee begins to act up, don’t wait to seek out treatment. Our team at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation is well versed in ailments of the joints and will work towards diagnosing and treating you as efficiently as possible. Should osteonecrosis be the cause of your problems, our Orthopedist Garden City NY will be able to help. For more information regarding this condition, or to schedule an appointment for treatment, contact us today.

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