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Are you living in the Long Island/Brooklyn area and have a need for a skilled orthopedist? Have you suffered an injury and require an evaluation? Thankfully, Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation of Brooklyn is located on 3048 Brighton 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235. Whether you live on Long Island or in Brooklyn, Advanced Orthopedics in Brooklyn is a convenient location for you to receive orthopedic treatment. Our orthopedic surgeons are among the most elite in the profession. Combined with our expert staff, you can rest assured that your recovery is being handled by the most capable professionals in the New York area.

Our primary specialties involve personalized treatment options for various orthopedic injuries. Whether this involves our sports medicine program, stem cell therapy, or even minimally invasive surgery, we’re sure to have your desired treatment plan.

Please contact our office, by phone or by booking online, for scheduling your first appointment. Our staff will cater to your needs, as we ALWAYS put the patient and your health before anything else. Our goal is to get you back to healthy living, with a detailed treatment/recovery plan. Specialties that are available in our Brooklyn office include:

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Sports Medicine

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Traumatic Orthopedic Injuries

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Recent Blog Posts

Modic Changes & Disc Degeneration – How Can A Brooklyn Orthopedist Help?

Your spine is comprised of several discs that lie in between each of your vertebrae. These discs possess the innate ability to absorb shock and provide a cushion to help stabilize your spine. The discs also allow you to be flexible, enhancing your movements and giving you the ability to bend or twist. When these discs break down, they tend to become worn and less elastic; this is called disc degeneration. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our orthopedist in Brooklyn can help determine if you are currently experiencing these Modic changes and conditions.

What Leads to Disc Degeneration?

In most cases, the universal causality that lies within the development of degeneration pertains to aging. Initially, upon birth, you are born with jelly-like fluid in your discs that compose your spine. As you get older, these discs tend to lose water, forcing them to dry out and become deteriorated. Since your vertebrae now possess less shock absorption, the bones in your spine will sit closer together and forcibly rub against one another.

Disc degeneration can also be catalyzed by a buildup of stresses on your spine, such as pain from lifting heavy objects or trauma from a car accident. These incidences can cause the discs in your spine to crack, obligating the jelly-like fluid in the discs to seep through the crack. This may potentially force the disc to begin bulging from the spine.

What Do Modic Changes Entail?

Modic changes are directly related to disc degeneration. This condition refers to the pathological changes in your vertebrae and discs in your spine. These changes can only be detected through an MRI scan, and they are classified into three different types; Type I, Type II, and Type III.

Type I – In this case, there is a small amount of degeneration on the bones and discs that make up the spine and microfractures could be present. You may experience pain if you are experiencing a Type I Modic change.

Type II – You will also experience pain with a Type II Modic change. However, the fluid in your spine and bone marrow will be replaced by visceral fat.

Type III – It is rare that you will develop a Type III Modic change in your spine. The MRI will show signs of sclerosis and fractures within the spine.

If you have back pain, you could be experiencing disc degeneration and Modic changes. Reach out to our orthopedist in Brooklyn for help. Your doctor can order an MRI to diagnose your pain and create a treatment plan that is right for you, contact Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation today!

Avoiding Injuries As A Runner – Suggestions From Orthopedist in Brooklyn

Runner's Knee can be treated by an orthopedist in Brooklyn

Runner’s Knee

This injury is common when you are overworking the muscles in your knee, and your knee becomes unaligned. Be sure to listen to your body, so you don’t overwork past your limit. To help with the pain, you should tape your knee or invest in a knee brace.

Knee Pain Treatment Brooklyn

If you’ve suffered damage to your patella, Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation can offer treatments to alleviate pain and offer advice and prevention treatments. Please feel free to contact our office with questions and to schedule an appointment if your patellar tendonitis is causing concern to you. Our Brooklyn orthopedist is always here to help and can allow you to continue the activities you love without pain.

Shin Splints

When this injury occurs you feel pain in the front or inside of your leg, alongside your shin bone. To prevent shin splints make sure you are wearing proper fitting sneakers, avoid hills as they put extra force on the shin muscle, and increase your workout or speed at a gradual level. Treatment for shin splints includes icing your shins for 15-20 minutes and keeping them elevated at night to reduce swelling.

Ankle Sprain

This occurs when you roll or twist your foot inwards or outwards, and you stretch or tear the ligaments around the ankle. This injury is excruciating. Doing regular exercises such as single-legged squats to strengthen the muscles around your ankle can help prevent this injury. You also want to make sure you pay attention when running as these injuries are commonly caused by curbs, tree branches, potholes, or other unlevel surfaces. Common at-home treatment includes wearing an ankle brace and taping up your ankle and of course rest

Pulled Muscle

This happens when your muscle has been overstretched. The most common causes are overuse, inflexibility, and not warming up before a workout. Make sure you are stretching and warming up before any run to help prevent this injury. If you have pulled a muscle the best thing to do is rest! Take a break for a minimum of five days before running again and be sure to ice and stretch.

Our orthopedist in Brooklyn is here to help if you are experiencing overwhelming pain. We offer a variety of treatment options to help you regain strength and functionality with our quality orthopedist in Brooklyn. If you are experiencing a more severe injury, we can provide a solution with our knee replacement surgery, a safe and effective treatment that can help relieve pain and restore function. We also offer external fixation that helps ankle injuries by attaching a device called a fixator to the affected bone with specialized bone screws, or pins. The pins allow for proper alignment of the fractured bone.

Brooklyn Knee Pain

Contact us today for more information on how we can help relieve your pain with our orthopedist in Brooklyn.

Exercises That Will Help Strengthen The Joints – Recommended By Orthopedist in Brooklyn

Joint Strengthening exercises from our Orthopedist in Brooklyn

Joint strength is important because it increases flexibility, helps increase the duration of the joints, and helps people complete activities in a more effective way. It is therefore imperative to practice exercises daily that will strengthen your joints. If you are searching for an orthopedist in Brooklyn, Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation offer great quality orthopedic care for joint restoration. Below are several methods capable of increasing the strength in your joints which can all easily be conducted at home.

How to Increase Joint Strength

  • Always wear supportive, good-fitting shoes.
  • Increase your exercise regimen intensity. Gradually increasing the difficulty over time.
  • Always warm-up before exercising and remember to cool down after.
  • Remember to incorporate workout regimens that will specifically target muscles that surround the joints.

Joint Injury Can Be Precipitated by a Number of Things, including:

  • Lifting heavy weights.
  • Running too fast.
  • Not wearing proper shoe attire.
  • Exercising without warming up.

Exercises that help to Strengthen Joints

  • Bodyweight Squat – This exercise protects the knees, hips, and ankles. To do a bodyweight squat, stand in front of a chair or bench with the feet shoulder-length apart and lower yourself to the seat, touching it lightly, and then return to a standing position.
  • Assisted or Unassisted Pull-Up -This exercise helps to strengthen both your shoulders and your elbows. An assisted pull-up consists of standing on the platform of a pull-up machine, while an unassisted pull-up consists of starting at the bottom. Begin with your arms extended and pull your bodyweight all the way up until you shorten the angle. Your orthopedist in Brooklyn wants you to remember to breathe normally as you perform the maneuver.
  • The Push-Up – Similar to the pull-up, the push-up also focuses on your shoulders and elbows. You can start in the push-up position with your body straight and your hands shoulder-width apart. Lower your chest towards the floor and then extend back to the push-up position. You can modify this maneuver by doing a push-up on your knees, making the process a bit more effortless. The push-up also builds muscle around your shoulder and elbow joints, increasing strength and stability.

Make sure to take some time during the day to practice these exercises. If you suffer from osteoarthritis or have undergone a joint injury, seek the assistance of an orthopedist in Brooklyn by visiting Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation. We offer services from sports medicine to knee replacement, so contact us today to make your appointment!

Knee Pain Brooklyn NY

If your knee hurts, you should know the signs and symptoms of patellar tendonitis. While sometimes this injury goes away without complications, if it is ignored and overused it can lead to increasing tears and injuries to the tendons and lead to an even more damaging injury. A Brooklyn orthopedist can diagnose and offer treatment for your knee pain before the pain turns into something worse.

Shoulder Pain Brooklyn NY

Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation can help if you believe you have the above symptoms consistent with rotator cuff injuries. In severe cases, surgery to repair the tendons may be necessary. However, often recommended treatment includes resting, applying ice, light exercise, and injections to quell the pain.

If you’ve suffered a rotator cuff injury, contact Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation. Our Brooklyn orthopedist will work patiently with you to help you reach recovery in a timely manner.  

Tendonitis in the Hip – Treatment From Orthopedist in Brooklyn

What is Tendonitis? 

Tendonitis is defined as the inflammation in the tissue that connects your bone and muscle. One of the more painful spots that tendonitis can occur is in someone’s hip. If you are searching for an orthopedist in Brooklyn then Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation is the place for you!

Hip Pain Brooklyn NY

Naturally, broken bones are also a potential injury that can occur from slips & falls. Overall, the extent of the fracture depends upon how hard your body made contact with a solid surface. Your orthopedist in Nassau County can use imaging tests to gauge a proper view of how severe the bone has broken. After doing so, they will either recommend surgery or even non-surgical healing, but only if the injury appears to be stable enough to hold steady. 

If you’ve suffered a spontaneous fall and require medical assistance, contact our office today for further information.

How Do You Get Tendonitis?

The main cause of hip tendonitis is by overworking your hip. The hip is constantly working throughout the day; it works when you walk, run, even when you lift your legs up. Furthermore, the hip picks up the slack when weak muscles are unable to work properly. This can result in overworking the muscles in your hip. Your hip can also be easily aggravated by playing sports. Certain side-to-side motions can aggravate the hip because it is doing the other work of weaker muscles. 

What are the Risk Factors of Hip Tendonitis?

There is a collection of risk factors that come with tendonitis in the hip. Some of these risk factors include: 


  • The older you get, the weaker your tendons get.

Occupations that consist of: 

  • Repetitive Motions
  • Awkward Positions
  • Frequent Overhead Reaching
  • Vibration
  • Forceful Exertion


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Tennis

Just because you partake in some of these risk factors does not mean that you will get hip tendonitis, however, you are more prone to the injury. It is imperative that you treat yourself properly before the injury gets serious. Our orthopedist in Brooklyn offers great care for people who have tendonitis in their hip!


There are a few forms of treatment that can help the pain that comes with hip tendonitis. A few tips that you can follow are adjusting your seat higher, so you avoid “hip pinching”, maintaining flexible hips, and perfecting your form when exercising your hip. Some effective exercises that you can do to make your hips stronger and more flexible are hip flexor stretches, hip bridges, hip extensions, and side-lying hip abduction. 

Hip Pain Treatment Brooklyn

Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation is here to help you recover from your hip injuries. If you have been suffering from hip tendonitis, then book an appointment with us today. Our orthopedist in Brooklyn wants to ensure that our patients are as healthy and strong as possible!

The Benefits Of Orthopedic Telemedicine Care

With social distancing guidelines being administered across various parts of the country and the rest of the world, healthcare practices must work to keep both patients and medical professionals alike protected. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, we’re committed to providing our patients with care, no matter the circumstances. By utilizing telemedicine services as an option, our Orthopedist in Brooklyn can provide variations of this care without the need for physical visits. To learn more about telemedicine, and what makes it so beneficial, please consult with our staff by scheduling your online appointment

What Is Telemedicine?

As you already know, making traditional medical visits involves physically coming into the medical facility. However, for some patients, this is not a safe option. When you require care but cannot leave the house, our Orthopedist in Brooklyn can still help you with the use of telemedicine. 

Telemedicine is used to simulate a physical visit for those unable to meet in person. Although this was first done using phones, with technological advancements, telemedicine now encompasses the use of video technology as well.

The Benefits 

As previously stated, telemedicine is beneficial to both patients and practitioners alike. That is one of the reasons our Orthopedist in Brooklyn offers telemedicine services as an option for care. By doing so, we allow those who seek orthopedic care with us to reap the following benefits of telemedicine services:

  • Ability to receive care without needing to break the current social distancing guidelines.
  • Limit the need for time-consuming commutes to the doctor’s office. 
  • The quality of diagnosis and treatment methods remain at the same standard of traditional visits.

Contact Our Orthopedist in Brooklyn

At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our team will always provide you with the orthopedic care that you need to the best of our abilities. While we understand there may be a bit of an adjustment period for patients to become accustomed to telemedicine, our Orthopedist in Brooklyn wants you to rest assured that the quality of this service is at the most optimal level for our patients. 

For more information about our telemedicine service and how it will help with your orthopedic care, be sure to contact our team today!   

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