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Exercises That Will Help Strengthen The Joints

Joint Strength

Joint strength is important because it increases flexibility, helps increase the duration of the joints, and helps people complete activities in a more effective way. It is therefore imperative to practice exercises daily that will strengthen your joints. If you are searching for an orthopedist in Brooklyn, Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation offers great quality orthopedic care for joint restoration. Below are several methods capable of increasing the strength in your joints which can all easily be conducted at home.

How to Increase Joint Strength

  • Always wear supportive, good-fitting shoes.
  • Increase your exercise regimen intensity. Gradually increasing difficulty over time.
  • Always warm up before exercising and remember to cool down after.
  • Remember to incorporate workout regimens that will specifically target muscles that surround the joints.

Joint Injury Can Be Precipitated by a Number of Things, including:

  • Lifting heavyweights.
  • Running too fast.
  • Not wearing proper shoe attire.
  • Exercising without warming up.

Exercises that help to Strengthen Joints

  • Bodyweight squat – This exercise protects the knees, hips, and ankles. To do a bodyweight squat, stand in front of a chair or bench with the feet shoulder-length apart and lower yourself to the seat, touching it lightly, and then return to a standing position.
  • Assisted or Unassisted Pull-up –This exercise helps to strengthen both your shoulders and your elbows. An assisted pull-up consists of standing on the platform of a pull-up machine, while an unassisted pull-up consists of starting at the bottom. Begin with your arms extended and pull your body weight all the way up until you shorten the angle. Your orthopedist in Brooklyn wants you to remember to breathe normally as you perform the maneuver.
  • The Push-up – Similar to the pull-up, the push-up also focuses on your shoulders and elbows. You can start in the push-up position with your body straight and your hands shoulder-width apart. Lower your chest towards the floor and then extend back to the push-up position. You can modify this maneuver by doing a push-up on your knees, making the process a bit more effortless. The push-up also builds muscle around your shoulder and elbow joints, increasing strength and stability.

Make sure to take some time during the day to practice these exercises. If you suffer from osteoarthritis or have undergone a joint injury, seek the assistance of an orthopedist in Brooklyn by visiting Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation. We offer services from sports medicine to knee replacement, so contact us today to make your appointment!

Exercises That Will Help Strengthen The Joints
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Exercises That Will Help Strengthen The Joints
If you suffer from osteoarthritis or have undergone a joint injury, visit our orthopedist in Brooklyn at Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation.
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Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation
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