The Benefits of Low-Impact Exercises

The Benefits of Low-Impact Exercises

Although it is important to exercise regularly, heavy physical activity can have negative impacts on your joints. If you have an existing injury or are suffering from joint pain or discomfort, low-impact exercises may be beneficial to you. These types of exercises can help prevent joint or muscle injury. However, in the event that you do experience an exercise or motion-related injury, our orthopedist in Brooklyn can help you.

Why Choose Low-Impact Exercise?

Low-impact exercise reduces the amount of overall stress placed on your knees, hips, and ankles. These types of exercises generally involve less force on the body, making them better for your joints. Low-impact exercises include swimming, yoga, walking, and cycling. While too much high impact exercise can be bad for you, too much low impact exercise may not provide your bones with the stimulus they need to stay healthy. It is important to find a balance between the two, and our location for an orthopedist in Brooklyn knows just how difficult it can be to find it.

In contrast to higher impact activities such as running, gymnastics and many sports including basketball and football, low impact activities are extremely beneficial for our joints.  If you begin to experience chronic pain in areas such as your knees, ankles and hips, this could be in result of continuous high-impact activities that are putting a lot of wear and tear on your joints.  Our orthopedist in Brooklyn is trained with years of experience to handle various injuries that you may have suffered to your joints.

Will I Still Get a Quality Workout?

It is important not to confuse low-impact with low-intensity workouts. Although low-impact workouts are easier on your joints, they still provide a serious workout that will benefit your health and physique. Physical therapy and sports medicine professionals strive to debunk the myth that you have to go as hard as you can in order to get an effective workout.

Low-impact exercises can also help you to slowly build up your overall strength and endurance. They also help to improve mobility and elasticity in the joints, which can help you improve the quality of your higher intensity workouts as well.

Orthopedist in Wantagh

If you have an injury or pain in your joints or muscles, our orthopedist in Brooklyn can help. Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation offers a wide variety of services relating to orthopedic care ranging from sports injuries to total joint replacement.  It can be difficult to know what to do when you have joint issues, and an orthopedist in Brookyln can help you figure out what steps to take. Contact Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation to find an experienced orthopedist in Brooklyn today.

The Benefits of Low-Impact Exercises
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The Benefits of Low-Impact Exercises
At Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation, our orthopedist in Wantagh is trained with years of experience to handle various joint and muscle injuries.
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