Hip Injury From A Sudden Fall

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Hip Injury From A Sudden Fall

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Despite a considerable lack of awareness, spontaneous falls are considered to be one of the most damaging accidents that can occur for a patient. Commonly, slips and falls may lead to the development of a potential injury within the hip area. Hip injuries are nothing to be taken lightly, they can range from some minor bruises all the way up to a potential surgical procedure.  For those pondering the degree of their injury, contact your local orthopedist in Nassau County over at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation. Our team, led by the esteemed Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov, has performed optimal procedures and evaluations for several patients who have undergone a hip-related injury. Continue reading for an assessment on the many different complications that can arise from slamming your hip after a sudden fall:

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Hip Contusion

More commonly referred to as a bruise, hip contusions maturate when blood vessels in the skin tear, but the skin itself does not break. Serving as a catalyst, this forces the blood to transfer itself into the surrounding soft tissue area, thus leading to the appearance of discoloration underneath the skin. Initially, the affected area gives off a reddish look, eventually becoming more blue/purple. Other symptoms may potentially include the following:

    • Stiffness.
    • Difficulty walking/moving.
    • Pain, primarily when pressure is applied to the bruise.
  • Swelling & Tenderness.

Often, hip contusions are stimulated through making hard contact with the ground after suddenly falling on your side. Your orthopedist in Nassau County can perform an examination of your hip to determine whether or not a contusion has developed. Typically, bruises often heal in a pretty small timeframe (roughly 2-3 days). Your orthopedist may suggest taking it easy, while applying plenty of ice, for treatment purposes.

Hip Dislocation

Considered to be more traumatic than a minor contusion, dislocations of the hip occur when the femur dislodges itself from the pelvis. In most cases, it takes a forceful event to create a dislocation, such as a car crash. However, slips and falls may also serve as a catalyst for the injury. Considered a medical emergency, hip dislocations need to be examined by your orthopedist in Nassau County immediately upon injury. Surgery will likely be the next step, as immediate treatment is required.

Hip Fractures

Naturally, broken bones are also a potential injury that can occur from slips & falls. Overall, the extent of the fracture depends upon how hard your body made contact with a solid surface. Your orthopedist in Nassau County can use imaging tests to gauge a proper view of how severe the bone has broken. After doing so, they will either recommend surgery or even non-surgical healing, but only if the injury appears to be stable enough to hold steady. 

If you’ve suffered a spontaneous fall and require medical assistance, contact our office today for further information.

Hip Injury From A Sudden Fall
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Hip Injury From A Sudden Fall
Your orthopedist in Nassau County can perform an examination of your hip to determine whether or not a contusion has developed.
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