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Benefits of a SuperPath Hip Replacement

Orthopedist In Nassau County

Joint replacement surgery is considered major surgery and the procedure is typically followed by a long period of rehabilitation in order to help ensure a full recovery. Fortunately, miracles of modern medical advancements have developed an entirely new hip replacement surgical technique, referred to as the SuperPath hip replacement.

orthopedist in nassau county

The SuperPath hip replacement technique is a minimally invasive joint replacement surgery that only requires modest recovery time. A compelling aspect of the technique is that it does not require dislocation of the hip in order to complete a successful operation. Contact Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation to make an appointment with a local orthopedist in Nassau County that offers this surgery. The following benefits are associated with this state-of-the-art procedure:

  • Typically a decrease in total pain following the procedure.
  • Usually a decrease in the amount of tissue damage.
  • No dislocation of the hip is required, placing little to no stress on the joint itself.
  • Quicker hospital stay; in some cases, patients are released after just 24 hours.

How does a SuperPath hip replacement work?

The entire procedure allows for the least amount of damage to the hip joint because it allows for tissue preservation instead of tissue loss. In simpler terms, less of your muscle is being cut and damaged. The entire incision size is generally no larger than five inches, and it is done while the patient is lying on their side with their affected hip facing upwards. If you are considering surgical options for a hip replacement, contact us here for more information regarding an orthopedist in Nassau County.

What should I expect following my surgery?

Once your procedure has concluded, you may be required to stay at the hospital. If that is the case, your stay will most likely not exceed two days. Your doctor may recommend that you use supportive walking equipment such as crutches or a cane to help decrease your recovery time and increase healing. Depending upon confirmation from your physician, you will be allowed to engage in most activities following the procedure.

Although there are often little limitations to what you can do after your surgery, it is recommended that you do not participate in any vigorous exercise including running and jogging as well as contact sports. If you are interested in learning more about the SuperPath hip replacement procedure, request an appointment with our orthopedist in Nassau County at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation here.

Benefits of a SuperPath Hip Replacement
Article Name
Benefits of a SuperPath Hip Replacement
Contact Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation to make an appointment with a local orthopedist in Nassau County that offers this surgery.
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Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation
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