Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

How Can Our Orthopedist In Valley Stream Help You?

Are you someone who tends to lean on their elbows throughout the day? Have you also started to experience numbness and tingling in this area? Signs like these two often point to the condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, we’re well versed in this condition. Our orthopedist in Valley Stream will let you know the likely cause of this condition and how treatment can be administered.

What Is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

Cubital tunnel syndrome is also known as ulnar neuropathy. It takes place when the ulnar nerve becomes compressed. The ulnar nerve runs close to the surface of your skin, and travels through a part of the elbow that most people refer to as the “funny bone.” Our Orthopedist in Valley Stream warns that any of the below stimulants can lead to the development of this condition:

  • Leaning on your elbow too often.
  • Keeping your elbow bent for an extended period.
  • Abnormal bone growth.
  • Repetitive overuse of the elbow, such as the repeated twisting from a baseball pitcher.

Symptoms Of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

When you begin to experience pain in the elbow, it’s crucial to have the issue diagnosed and corrected immediately. The longer you let an elbow issue linger, the more likely it will increase in severity. Our orthopedist in Valley Stream can help prevent this from happening. Our team will perform a full evaluation of your condition to offer a proper diagnosis before creating a treatment plan. Some of the symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of cubital tunnel syndrome include:

  • Pain.
  • Numbness.
  • Tingling that radiates to the fingers.
  • Inability to pinch thumb and little finger.
  • Issues with your grip.

Treatment Options

Once it has been determined that cubital tunnel syndrome is to blame for your problems, a treatment plan can start. There are various methods our orthopedist in Valley Stream can utilize to relieve your symptoms and get you back to full strength. Examples of what can be done depending on the severity of your condition may include:

  • Wearing a splint to prevent over-bending the elbow.
  • Using protective padding over your elbow during your physical activities.
  • In severe cases, surgery to decrease compression.

Contact Our Orthopedist In Valley Stream

There is no need to spend the entirety of your life dealing with elbow pain. Our team will be there for you from the initial diagnosis until treatment has been completed at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation. To schedule a much-needed appointment with our orthopedist in Valley Stream, contact us today.

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