Why is a Strong Core So Important?

Why is a Strong Core So Important?

For years, many people have been doing core exercises for aesthetic reasons. While a six-pack can certainly be the result of core training, there are many benefits to maintaining a strong core. One significant benefit is that core strength can help eliminate back pain. If you are struggling to manage your back pain, our orthopedist in Roslyn NY can help! Our team at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation would like to emphasize the importance of maintaining a strong core for a healthy back. 

Benefits of A Strong Core

At every stage of your life, you should always try to maintain strong core muscles. Your core is not only composed of your abdominal muscles. Your core also includes muscles in your back and around your pelvis. Keeping these muscles strong and healthy will help support your spine and improve your overall fitness. Here are some benefits that you can expect from strengthening your core:

  • Reduced back pain – Your core plays an important role in your spine’s health. Strong core muscles can help provide support and stability to your back and spine, and core strength can reduce pressure placed on your back.
  • Improved Stability – Your core acts as a stabilizer for your body, thus making your movements more balanced. A strong core can limit your risk of future injury and make you less likely to fall. 
  • Improved Posture – A strong core can help you achieve good posture, and good posture puts the least amount of strain on your spine. Good posture can also reduce your risk of spinal problems like vertebrae degeneration. 

Performing core exercises regularly is important to create a well-rounded fitness program. They not only improve your physical fitness and appearance, but they also reduce your risk of developing debilitating back pain. If you find yourself suffering from pain, you should not hesitate to contact our orthopedist in Roslyn NY. There are countless activities you can do to improve your core strength. Yoga and pilates are great for strengthening your core because many postures target your core muscle groups. Many core exercises can be performed at home, including planks, situps, and fitness ball exercises. Our team can help you determine which activities will benefit you and your unique needs. 

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