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Tennis elbow is a painful condition that, despite its name, can occur from activities other than tennis. Tennis elbow is typically a result of repetitive motion and overuse, often leading to pain and tenderness in the elbow. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn understands how challenging it can be to work through elbow pain. From diagnosis to treatment, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get back to full strength. Continue reading to discover more information about tennis elbow and how therapeutic exercises can help. 

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a classic repetitive strain injury. The tendons and muscles outside of the elbow in the back of your arm are responsible for lifting the fingers and wrist. These tissues can become inflamed and exhausted due to overuse. Tennis elbow is common among those who play racquet sports, but it is a common work-related injury among painters and those who work in a position that involves heavy computer usage. 

Therapeutic Exercises For Tennis Elbow

If you’ve been diagnosed with tennis elbow, you’re well aware of the burning pain that occurs along with weakened grip strength. Our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn will address this injury conservatively at first to decrease pain and inflammation. There are also a few tennis elbow exercises that you can do to treat your pain:

Towel Stretch

  • Hold a rolled-up towel with one hand at each end. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed. 
  • Twist the rolled towel as if you were wringing out water in opposite directions. 
  • Repeat this motion ten times in one direction, then repeat in the reverse direction. 

Fist Squeeze

  • You can use a tennis ball, rolled towel, or sock for this exercise. Grip the object with your fingers to form a fist. 
  • Squeeze tightly for ten seconds. 
  • Repeat this movement ten times. 

Wrist Extension

  • Raise your affected arm straight out in front of your body with your palm facing down. 
  • Slowly bend your wrist downward while using the other hand to gently pull the stretching hand back towards your body. 
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds, then straighten your wrist again. 
  • Repeat the exercise and perform two more sets of three repetitions. 

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If you’re dealing with discomfort and burning pain around your elbow, you may be dealing with tennis elbow. Our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn will determine the best treatment for your condition and help you implement exercises that improve your overall function. Be sure to contact the team at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation today to schedule an appointment.

As an elite athlete, there are few things more disappointing than suffering an injury. Our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation is committed to providing high-quality sports medicine to patients suffering from a variety of different sports injuries. Our goal is to get you back on the field performing at full strength. Please continue reading below to discover how we treat sports injuries. 

Sports Injuries

Even if you do not participate in contact sports, injuries can occur at any time. It’s essential to seek prompt treatment at the first sign of an injury to avoid long-term complications and return to action faster. Some of the most common sports injuries treated by our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn include:

  • Overuse Injuries.
  • Ankle Sprains.
  • Dislocations.
  • Shin Splints.
  • Stress Fractures.
  • Ligament Problems.
  • Muscle Tears.

Common Treatments For Sports Injuries

When it comes to treating sports injuries, preventative care is fundamental. Our team will work with you to help you retain strength and keep yourself injury-free so you can stay out on the field with your teammates. Many athletes push through pain or injury for fear of disappointing their coaches or teammates. However, ignoring an injury significantly impacts your athletic output. Our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn will evaluate your damage and determine the appropriate treatment option. Some of the most common sports injury treatments may include:

  • PRICE – Mild injuries can be managed with protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation (PRICE). 
  • Medication – Our orthopedist may recommend anti-inflammatory pain medications to reduce swelling and soothe the pain. 
  • Immobilization – Immobilization techniques can help prevent further damage by reducing movement, pain, and muscle swelling. Braces, splints, and casts may be used to immobilize injured areas as you heal. 
  • Exercises & Manual Therapy – Those suffering from long-term injuries can benefit from physical therapies. This can involve targeted exercise, massage therapy, and hands-on manipulation to improve your strength and help restore normal function to the injured area. 
  • Injection Therapy – Persistent pain and inflammation can benefit from corticosteroid injections. 
  • Surgery – In the event of a more severe sports injury such as a badly broken bone or ligament tear, you may require surgical treatment to restore proper function. 

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At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our goal is to safely facilitate your return to the sport that you love. Our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn will design a suitable recovery program to meet your specific sport and unique capabilities. Be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment for care! 

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The knees are a critical joint for walking and running movements, and a knee dislocation can knock you off your feet. A dislocated knee can lead to long-term complications such as recurrent dislocations, arthritis, and cartilage injury. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn understands the toll this injury can take on patients. Continue reading to discover the symptoms of a dislocated knee and how we can treat the issue. 

Symptoms Of A Dislocated Knee

A dislocated knee occurs when the bones of your knee are misaligned and out of place. A knee dislocation is usually a result of an injury, but it can also result from overuse or arthritis. The most common injury resulting in a knee dislocation is when someone falls and lands on their knee. Occasionally, an injury on the sports field can result in a knee dislocation if a person’s knee is hit hard enough to cause it to go out of place. When dealing with a dislocated knee, some of the signs may include:

  • Pain when standing – A dislocated knee can cause sharp pain in the knee when you stand or put pressure on the joint. 
  • Limited mobility – If your kneecap dislocates to the outside of your knee, you may have difficulty moving. 
  • Swelling – Swelling can occur when fluid is around the kneecap after an injury and contribute to your inability to straighten or move your leg. 
  • Instability – Your knee may give out when you put pressure on the affected leg. 

Many of the symptoms mentioned above are general and can apply to a variety of knee injuries. If a knee dislocation is suspected, our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn will evaluate your symptoms and determine the proper course of treatment to get you back on your feet. 

Treating Knee Dislocation

The treatment for a dislocated knee depends on how long it has been out of place, the age and activity level of the patient, and whether or not there is damage to the ligaments or other structures around the joint. Our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn may have to reduce the dislocation, which is where they manipulate the leg back into place and then hold it in place with a brace for an extended period of time to avoid reinjury. In some cases, surgery may be required, particularly if there are injuries to the ligaments or cartilage surrounding the knee joint. They may also prescribe you pain medication.

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Our team at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation will provide you with the treatment you need to get back to full health. To learn more about symptoms of a dislocated knee or to schedule an appointment with our Sports Medicine Doctors in Brooklyn, be sure to contact us today!