Avoiding Injuries During Basketball Season

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Avoiding Injuries During Basketball Season

From jammed fingers to sprained ankles, any injury sustained during basketball season can be deflating to a player’s morale. Months of training and hard work has now been pushed to the wayside, as you now need to focus on a grueling recovery process. At Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation, we want to keep all of our basketball player patients on the court. To do so, our Valley Stream orthopedist would like to share some knowledge about how you can avoid injuries this basketball season.  

Stop Potential Basketball Injuries:

No matter the sport, our team at Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation understands athletes are always at risk for injury. For basketball players, the physical demand of constantly running and jumping on the hardwood court puts their lower body at risk. To help all of our patients stay safe and with their teams, our Valley Stream orthopedist would like to extend the below advice:

  • Always Use Proper Gear:  With sharp cuts and strong jumps, your feet can take a beating during a basketball game. This is why wearing proper footwear is so significant. Having well-fitting shoes that offer strong ankle and arch support can be the difference between a game-winning shot and a sprained ankle that lingers for weeks. Investing in a sweatband may also be beneficial. This can keep sweat out of the eyes, ensuring that vision is never obstructed. In any activity, impaired vision opens up the potential for injury.
  • Take Time To Rest: Our Valley Stream orthopedist understands that athletes may never want to rest. Though some will want to play through nicks and bruises, allowing for ample rest can help to avoid injury. A proper recovery period can help promote better play once a return is made and mitigate the risk of slight injuries becoming far worse. 
  • Always Hydrate: Whether a basketball superstar or weekend warrior, everyone needs to remember to hydrate before and after a game. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps, dizziness, and even fainting. Drinking enough water to replenish any fluids that were lost is an easy way to avoid an injury this season.
  • Get In Basketball Shape: This method of prevention needs to take place before the basketball season even starts. An athlete should never just assume they will get in competing for shape by playing in the games. Coming into a season out of shape is one of the major causes of basketball injuries. Sticking to an offseason training regimen can keep you out of the hands of our Valley Stream orthopedist.
  • Warm-Up/Cool – Down: One final way to avoid injuries this season is to always warm-up and cool-down before games and practices. Engaging in any activity when your muscles are still cold can lead to serious injury. Performing something as simple as dynamic stretches will increase the flexibility and blood flow to your muscles, getting them ready for action. Cooling down is also a vital aspect of recovery. Stopping too fast after a vigorous activity can lead to feelings of nausea and even fainting.

Treatment With Our Valley Stream Orthopedist

Unfortunately, no matter how well trained or how safe they play, an athlete can sustain an injury at any time. While it would be easy to pout and feel down after this occurs, that will not get you back with your team. At Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation, our Valley Stream orthopedist specializes in diagnosing and treating common injuries that occur throughout a basketball season. If you’ve experienced an injury that needs professional treatment, make us your first choice!

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