Do you need hip implants?

orthopedist in valley stream

Do you need hip implants?

Like many patients we see, you have gotten to the point where managing your hip pain through orthopedic exercise, concentrated rest periods, ice and heat packs, and anti-inflammatory medication simply is not enough anymore, so you have begun to consider hip replacement surgery–the right path toward a happier, healthier life.  Make an appointment with us at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, PC, where a fully qualified orthopedist in Valley Stream will take care of them for you.

orthopedist in valley stream

Why Get Hip Implants?

When you visit our facility to meet with an orthopedist in Valley Stream and discuss the reality of undergoing a hip replacement procedure, they will first perform a thorough physical examination, as well as obtain a complete medical history in order to be sure that this is the correct course of action for you. Patients typically receive hip implants because at least a portion of their hip has degraded beyond repair as the result of many sets of circumstances, including any of the following:


The goal of the procedure is always to remove the damaged portion of the hip, replace it with the implant, and get the patient up and moving again within a day or two with the help of some light physical therapy that will then evolve into a full outpatient exercise plan. After being given some time to get used to your implant, you will begin to notice the following benefits:

  • Significant pain reduction, if not total relief.
  • An ease of movement while walking.
  • Significant improvements in the hip’s stamina, as well as in its ability to bear weight.


A Breakthrough in Hip Implant Technology

At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, PC, we pride ourselves on being right on the cutting edge of joint preservation technology. That is why we urge you to talk with an orthopedist in Valley Stream about X3, an advanced weight-bearing technology that has been shown to reduce natural wear and tear on the implant by an impressive 97%, contributing tremendously to its overall lifespan.

Do not wait until receiving a hip implant can no longer be a choice. Contact us today, and make an appointment with an orthopedist in Valley Stream to discuss your options for a happier, healthier life.

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