Franklin Hospital Physician Is First on Long Island to Perform SuperPATH® Hip Replacement

Franklin Hospital Physician Is First on Long Island to Perform SuperPATH® Hip Replacement

VALLEY STREAM, NY – Stanislav Avshalumov, DO, one of the board certified orthopedic surgeons at Franklin Hospital performed the first SuperPATH® Hip Replacement Surgery on Long Island. With this procedure, not only will the patient return to their daily activities much earlier than the current norms, but there is also no possibility of a hip dislocation, one of the most feared post-surgical complications for this population.

The SuperPATH® procedure, developed by MicroPort Orthopedics, does not involve surgical dislocation of the hip, thus leaving the joint capsule intact. It requires a significantly smaller incision. The incision is two to three inches long compared to the traditional incision of eight to 10 inches. By having a smaller incision and disturbing less muscle tissue and tendons, a person can recover faster.

Dr. Avshalumov has performed almost a dozen of these procedures to date, with patients getting back to their everyday activities within days.

“It is wonderful to be able to offer our patients a procedure that returns them back to their daily lives much faster than other hip replacements,” Dr. Avshalumov said. “Our goal is to provide our patients with the highest level of care and get them back to doing the things that they love safely as soon as we can.”

Superpath Hip Replacement New York

Joint replacement surgery is considered major surgery and the procedure is typically followed by a long period of rehabilitation in order to help ensure a full recovery. Fortunately, miracles of modern medical advancements have developed an entirely new hip replacement surgical technique, referred to as the SuperPath hip replacement.

Superpath Hip Replacement New York

The SuperPath hip replacement technique is a minimally invasive joint replacement surgery that only requires modest recovery time. A compelling aspect of the technique is that it does not require dislocation of the hip in order to complete a successful operation. Contact Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation to make an appointment with a local orthopedist in Nassau County that offers hip replacement surgery on Long Island The following benefits are associated with this state-of-the-art procedure:

  • Typically a decrease in total pain following the procedure.
  • Usually a decrease in the amount of tissue damage.
  • No dislocation of the hip is required, placing little to no stress on the joint itself.
  • Quicker hospital stay; in some cases, patients are released after just 24 hours.

How does a SuperPath hip replacement work?

The entire procedure allows for the least amount of damage to the hip joint because it allows for tissue preservation instead of tissue loss. In simpler terms, less of your muscle is being cut and damaged. The entire incision size is generally no larger than five inches, and it is done while the patient is lying on their side with their affected hip facing upwards. If you are considering surgical options for a hip replacement, contact us here for more information regarding hip replacement surgery on Long Island

What should I expect following Hip Replacement Surgery on Long Island?

Once your procedure has concluded, you may be required to stay at the hospital. If that is the case, your stay will most likely not exceed two days. Your doctor may recommend that you use supportive walking equipment such as crutches or a cane to help decrease your recovery time and increase healing. Depending upon confirmation from your physician, you will be allowed to engage in most activities following the procedure.

Although there are often little limitations to what you can do after your surgery, it is recommended that you do not participate in any vigorous exercise including running and jogging as well as contact sports. If you are interested in learning more about the SuperPath hip replacement procedure, request an appointment with our orthopedist in Nassau County at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation here.

Hip Replacement Long Island

When To Consider Hip Implants?

Those of us experiencing chronic hip pain understand the tiresome burden of this condition. Thankfully, your Valley Stream orthopedist specializes in hip replacement surgery, offering an effective procedure that’s capable of treating various forms of hip-related issues. Hip replacement surgery is widely considered one of the superlative surgeries in all of medicine. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality acknowledges that more than 300,000 hip replacement procedures are performed in the country every year. For further questions regarding hip replacements, contact your local Valley Stream orthopedist over at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation. Continue reading if you’re intrigued by hip implants, but are unsure if your symptoms meet the criteria.

Hospital Corridor

When Should I Start Considering A Hip Implant Procedure?

The majority of patients who receive hip implants tend to cite immediate relief from discomfort as one of the considerable benefits of the surgery. This is due to the frequency of pain that stems from hip injuries. Naturally, experiencing hip discomfort can become an overwhelming issue since we constantly use our hips to walk and engage in an activity. Assess your pain for the following symptoms:

  • Frequent pain when walking or maneuvering in any facet.
  • Difficulty sitting down and getting into and out of chairs.
  • The gradual development of stiffness in the hip.
  • Straining to do simple actions like putting on your socks and shoes.
  • Experiencing an uncomfortable feeling while resting and sleeping.

Conditions That Can Signify The Need For Hip Implants

Once you’ve confirmed the presence of these symptoms, contact your Valley Stream orthopedist for further evaluation. After conducting their assessment, they’ll carefully detect the existence of any other potential complications that could be serving as the catalyst for your discomfort. Commonly, most orthopedists may not recommend surgery as the initial option for proceeding. Simpler methods may be suggested at first. Should surgery become inevitable, the following could serve as reasons for the necessity:

  • The leg looks as though it is bowed.
  • The presence of bone damage within the joints.
  • Deformities, which tend to get progressively worse.
  • Inability to engage in a routine activity.
  • Deterioration caused by Arthritis.
  • Sudden injury, such as a fracture.   

Contacting A Hip Replacement Doctor on Long Island

Understandably, admitting to yourself that surgery is the only option can be a daunting task, both physically & mentally. Don’t leave this evaluation to yourself. Instead contact one of the top orthopedic surgeons on Long Island, Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov, for an appointment and consultation regarding your hip pain. Don’t wait, find out if hip implants can remedy your condition today!

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