Staying Safe This Summer

Staying Safe This Summer

When the sun is high in the sky and the spring showers have come and gone, it is a great time of year to start getting active. Outdoor activities can keep you happy and healthy, but only if you know how to stay safe throughout the Summer fun. Being knowledgeable about the potential for injuries during your favorite activities can make a world of a difference in preventing injuries from ever occurring in the first place.

Our orthopedist in Brooklyn at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation can help you learn the safest ways to stay active and have fun and can also help treat any injuries that may arise.

Staying Safe in the Summer

You can always help yourself by learning the best injury prevention methods, but sometimes injuries can occur without notice and even when it is not your fault.  In the event you suffer an injury this Summer from the various outdoor activities you may partake in, visit our orthopedist in Brooklyn at Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation.  Some favorite outdoor activities and injury prevention methods are shown below:

Biking and Skateboarding

Going for an adventurous bike ride or skateboarding session during the summer can feel freeing and be a fun time whether it be solo or with some friends. However, biking and skateboarding can both lead to overuse injuries of the knee, as well as traumatic injuries to the extremities and the head if you suffer a fall.

Prevention Methods

To prevent injuries relating to biking and skateboarding, it’s not only recommended but imperative to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet can be the difference between a fatal head injury and a minor bump on the head. Not only should your head be protected, but it’s also recommended to wear knee pads and elbow pads to prevent lacerations of the joints.

Beach Volleyball and Frisbee

The beach is the perfect summer location for families and friends to relax and bask in the sun. It’s also an excellent time for some favorite sandy sports. Beach volleyball and frisbee are two games that are almost always guaranteed to be spotted on the beach. If you’re thinking about playing this summer, it’s essential to know that catching the ball or frisbee the wrong way can lead to jammed fingers, while missteps in the sand can lead to sprained ankles and back injuries.

Prevention Method

To prevent these pesky injuries, one of the most important things you can do is warm up with stretching and light exercise before getting in the game so that your joints will be prepared for all the motions you’ll be going through. It’s also important to note the grounds you’re playing on and be aware of any dips in the ground or areas that aren’t sturdy. While being knowledgeable can help, injuries are sometimes inevitable. It’s important to know the location of an orthopedist in Brooklyn so that you can receive treatment if any of these injuries come up.


Hiking is a favorite activity among Americans, but injuries can vary depending on the difficulty of the hiking location. If your hike involves many hills and mountainous areas, it’s easy to lose your footing and wind up with a sprained ankle or a bone fracture.

Prevention Method

Knowing the grounds in which you’re hiking is vital in the prevention of injuries throughout your activities. In addition to knowing the hiking grounds, staying hydrated and eating are two ways to prevent falls and fainting while hiking. You’ll need to be fully aware, so know the area and stay alert.


Basketball is a game that is played throughout the year but is a favorite casual activity to play outside during the summer. If your friends have a hoop in their yard or you go to the public park, as it does not require a lot of equipment. Some injuries that occur during basketball are ankle sprains, knee injuries, and jammed fingers.

Prevention Method

Jammed fingers can be hard to prevent as they’re typically sudden. Knowing the best ways to catch the ball can help, however, and can be learned with practice.  To avoid ankle and knee injuries, you should be careful about how you place your foot while you’re running with the ball. The wrong foot placement can lead to ankle sprains and knee injuries which can be treated by an orthopedist in Brooklyn.


Surfing is another summer beach activity that is a favorite, especially among those who live near the ocean. While surfing can be a great outdoor adventure, it can also lead to several kinds of injuries. Most surfing injuries are unexpected, as the waves can push you out of place leading to the board hitting you or knocking you to the sea floor. Waves can be incredibly strong, which can lead to sprains and fractures to any part of the body.

Prevention Method

It’s hard to prevent injuries, but being prepared and trained on the best surfing methods by a professional trainer can ensure that you will be the safest you can be. Making sure that you are not too close to other surfers is important as waves tend to knock people into each other. Considering purchasing professional gear such as a wet suit, leg ropes, and a nose guard can also help in the prevention of injuries.

What Can an Orthopedist in Brooklyn do for you?

At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, we want you to get out and enjoy your summer while staying safe. Staying active throughout the year and eating healthy can help prevent injuries in general, but sometimes injuries are inevitable.

If you’ve received an injury while partaking in these summer activities, know that we’re here to help treat and prevent further damage to your joints. Please contact us today if you need to visit an orthopedist in Brooklyn.

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