Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

orthopedist in Nassau County

Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

Orthopedist in Nassau County

When one finds out they must have surgery, it often frightens them. They often think about how long they’ll be in the hospital for, who will help them following the surgery, and other important elements. However, one factor that is often overlooked is the importance of rehabilitation, not only following the surgical procedure but prior to it as well.

Rehabilitation, both before and after the surgery, can greatly aid in your recovery and help you regain your strength and return to full mobility. Our orthopedist in Nassau County will advise you on the importance of pre and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Importance of Pre-Surgical Rehab

orthopedist in Nassau County

It is just as important to have pre-surgery rehabilitation as it is to have post-surgery rehabilitation. Pre-surgery rehabilitation could help you by educating you on what your surgery entails. This includes the following:

  • Post-operation precautions
  • Post-surgery diet
  • Healthy exercise habits
  • How to use an assistive device.

Not only is pre-surgery rehab important because it builds your knowledge of what will happen in the upcoming weeks, it also can prepare your body before surgery. Pre-surgery rehab may include exercises to help you maximize the range of motion, flexibility, and strength before your surgery.

If you are preparing for corrective surgery on the hip, elbow, shoulder, ankle, or knee, you should make sure to start a pre-surgery rehab routine. It could help boost your recovery even more than surgery would. If you have any questions regarding pre-surgery therapy, contact our orthopedist in Nassau County.

Importance of Post-Surgical Rehab

Post-surgery rehabilitation helps your body recover after a surgery. It is used to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and promote healing. At Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation,  we recommend post-surgical rehab for many surgical procedures. Contact us today for an orthopedist in Nassau County.

How Could Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Prevention Help?

As a team, the physical therapists and the orthopedic surgeon will come up with a personalized plan for rehab. We work with patients before they undergo pre and post-surgery rehabilitation and help answer any questions they could have. Contact our orthopedist in Nassau County for more information and to schedule an appointment!


Pre and Post Surgery Therapy
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Pre and Post Surgery Therapy
At Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation, an orthopedist in Nassau County, we will help you through pre and post-surgical rehabilitation.
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