Tendonitis in the Elbow

Tendonitis in the Elbow

Elbow tendonitis is known for being very painful and it can limit your range of motion in the arm.  Finding treatment for this injury should be a priority, as it can deter your daily routine and overall quality of living. Our orthopedist in Valley Stream, Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov, is highly trained to deal with all injuries related to the major joint areas. Contact Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation today to receive quality treatment for your tendonitis.  

What is Elbow Tendonitis (Tennis Elbow)? 

Lateral Epicondylitis, or more commonly known as Tennis elbow, is a painful condition that afflicts patients all over the globe. It’s caused by the overuse of forearm muscles that help to move your wrist and occurs most often in patients over the age of 30. The swelling and pain caused by this affliction come from microscopic tears in the muscle that is inside the elbow. As evidenced by its name, this affliction is sometimes seen in tennis players who grip their racquet too tightly or use the wrong size while they play, but these athletes only make up 5% of tendonitis cases.

Cases of tendonitis can be spurred from sports like fencing or weight lifting, but can also stem from normal everyday hobbies like painting, knitting, cooking (ie, cutting motions), carpentry, or typing. It can happen to anyone, even with no prior injury of the elbow. If you have tenderness originating from your elbow or hands, or find it painful to open a doorknob or lift small objects, you may have developed tendonitis. If you are searching for treatment options for your tennis elbow, look no further than our orthopedist in Valley Stream at Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation.  

How can Tennis Elbow be Treated?

With tendonitis that is localized in the elbow, physical therapy is typically the best method for recovery. Though usually not as serious if caught promptly, if enough damage is done to the tendons, surgery might be necessary. That is why detail-oriented care and prevention is always the first step for tendonitis. Our orthopedist in Valley Stream will assist you in diagnosing the issue and work with you to plan for the best recovery possible.

Self-care can include options such as an elbow sling (which can prevent your arm from moving abnormally), cold compresses on the afflicted area, and performing safe and controlled motion exercises to increase flexibility after the injury. Depending on the severity, our orthopedist in Valley Stream might be able to prescribe you anti-inflammatory medication for treating the pain or even administer a localized steroid injection to help ease the swelling. 

Orthopedist in Valley Stream

With summer in full swing, the last thing you want is to be injured when you are trying to enjoy various outdoor activities. That is why you should seek treatment immediately after experiencing pain or discomfort, to prevent further injury from arising. Anticipating that the injury will simply go away on its own will only lead to further complications in the future.  To get the best care with the most experienced doctors, contact Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation to learn about your treatment options.

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