Preventing Ankle Injuries

Preventing Ankle Injuries

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Ankle injuries are a common occurrence. Sometimes we trip, sometimes we fall, sometimes we step in a hole or walk along the uneven ground and our ankles bend the wrong way. Or perhaps we’re playing a sport and we get hit. No matter which way, injuring our ankles can happen at any point in our lives. But while it is common, we want to prevent ourselves from having a serious injury.

Knowing how to prevent ankle injuries can help reduce the probability of actually getting one. Since prevention is key, our Valley Stream orthopedist wants to ensure you are knowledgeable on the common ankle injuries as well as the best ways to prevent them from ever occurring in the first place.

Types of Ankle Injuries include:

  1. Sprain- This is the single most common soft-tissue ankle injury there is. This is an injury to the ligaments that hold the bones in your ankle together.
  2. Fracture – This occurs when the bones within the ankle are broken.
  3. Tendon Injury – This is an injury of the tendons in the ankle, typically occurring from overuse.

How to Prevent Ankle Injuries

Wear the Correct Shoe Size – When you are wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly, you are unknowingly increasing your risk of injury. If your shoes are too big or too small, you are risking tripping and bending your ankle the wrong way. Make sure that you are always wearing shoes which fit your exact foot size.

Warm Up – Before vigorous exercise, sports, or going for a long walk or run, you should be warming up your muscles. Making sure that your leg and ankle muscles are warmed up will help to prevent sprains and strains of the area during your activity.  Our Valley Stream orthopedist can supply you with a warm up routine to have before you engage in exercise.  

Avoid Uneven Surfaces – If you’re on sand or bumpy ground, it’s easy to lose your footing and suffer a fall or a twist of the leg. Avoid walking on uneven surfaces, and if you must, be aware of the area and pay attention to where you step.

Healthy Diet & Weight – Eating healthy can be a huge benefit in all parts of your life, and preventing ankle injuries is no exception. Make sure you are maintaining a healthy diet and overall healthy body weight in order to keep excess pressure off of the ankles.  If you are in need of a diet plan that will support bone and joint strength, our Valley Stream orthopedist may be able to help you.


While prevention is important, sometimes an ankle injury is inevitable. If you’ve received an ankle injury, contact our Valley Stream orthopedist today! We offer treatments for your joint injuries and work to preserve your range of motion for the future. Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation will offer treatments catered to your personal needs. Contact our office today!

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