Warning Signs of Spinal Issues

Warning Signs of Spinal Issues

Do you constantly suffer from back pain? Have you had sudden onset pain or recent trauma to your spine? Our orthopedist in Valley Stream can help. Back pain is the most common warning sign of the majority of spinal cord issues that can occur for a multitude of both known and unknown reasons.

Your spine is one of the integral parts of your body, so it’s imperative that any issues that may arise get checked out and treated by our medical professionals at Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation as soon as possible.

Pain in the spine can be caused by several factors, some being minor and others being more severe. If you have a concern about your spine, our orthopedist in Valley Stream is here to treat your condition and lead you back to a healthy life.

Common Spine Issues

Some of the most common spine issues include:

  • Abnormal Curvature (aka Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis): These conditions occur when the spinal column is not straight, causing humps or a sideways slant. Typically these conditions have unknown causes, however, the abnormalities begin sometime before puberty
  • Disc Issues: The most common disc issue is a herniated disc. This condition occurs when the soft ‘discs’ that act as a cushion between your vertebrae get moved out of place causing pain and discomfort in the area. A degenerative disc typically occur as a result of wear-and-tear or osteoporosis, a condition which also should receive medical attention
  • Stenosis: Spinal Stenosis occurs when your spine narrows and puts extra pressure on your nerves causing pain, potential numbness, and in severe cases, paralysis. It is important to receive medical attention for this condition
  • Fractures: Fractures of the spine occur when there is a trauma to the area

If you notice any abnormal pain along your spine, you may be looking at a spinal issue and should seek the treatment you deserve in order to live your best life.

Here are some things to look out for:

If your pain is located in your lower back, occurs in shooting waves and gets worse with activity, you may be suffering from a herniated disc. If your pain comes with weakness and the ‘pins-and-needles’ sensation, along with difficulty balancing, you may be suffering from spinal stenosis and should receive treatment as soon as possible. Signs of having abnormal curving of the spine include one shoulder or hip being higher than the other, and difficulty keeping an upright posture.  Our orthopedist in Valley Stream can accurately diagnose you based on your symptoms and get you the correct treatment.

Orthopedist in Valley Stream

At Advanced Orthopedics and Joint Preservation, we want to be able to heal your pain and discomfort as quickly as possible. These conditions are treatable and important for you to get checked out as soon as possible. Our orthopedist in Valley Stream can help you manage your spinal condition and lead you to a pain-free life. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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