Which Orthopedic Surgeries Are The Most Common?

Which Orthopedic Surgeries Are The Most Common?

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Undergoing a procedure to repair certain orthopedic damage is sometimes necessary, depending upon the severity of the condition. By interacting with your local Wantagh orthopedist, you’ll be able to properly determine whether or not your injury requires the benefits of a surgical procedure. Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation specializes in a number of orthopedic surgeries, giving patients the confidence they need when engaging in the operation.

What Are Some Of The More Common Orthopedic Procedures?

Orthopedic surgery involves the treatment of an injury pertaining to the musculoskeletal system. Consisting of several different elements, the musculoskeletal is able to provide stability and movement throughout the body. Overall, the system is built up by the following: Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Muscle, & Tendons. 

Providing support through each of these facets, the musculoskeletal system is an important aspect for regular body function. That being said, experiencing an injury that abstains these elements can lead to detrimental consequences for your health. Breaking down by body-part, here are some of the more common orthopedic procedures:

  • Ankle Fracture Repair – often triggered by playing a sport and taking a direct blow to the lower extremity.
  • Knee Arthroscopy – can be necessary if you’ve experienced a torn meniscus or some other knee-related injury.
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy – similar to the knee variation, usually necessary for shoulder injuries such as a torn rotator cuff (common injury for pitchers in baseball).
    • For clarity, an arthroscopy is when your Wantagh orthopedist creates a small incision and inserts a tiny camera-like device (arthroscope) into the injured area. This allows your orthopedist to get a clear, concise evaluation of the injury.
  • Joint Replacement Surgery – often deemed necessary for joints that have become so worn down that they stimulate frequent, unrelenting pain.
  • Hip Implants – insertion of a prosthesis, usually required if the patient is experiencing deformities or severe arthritis in the hip.


For further detail and any questions/concerns regarding these procedures, contact the offices of Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation. Arthroscopic operations serve as one of the core specialties at the practice, helping patients fully understand their issue and bringing them effective treatment. Dr. Stanislav Avshalumov and his associates have been serving the Long Island Community for years, contact your local Wantagh orthopedist today!

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