Elbow injuries you can develop at work

Your occupation can be demanding on your elbows. Whether you work on an assembly line or at a desk, you might be doing things that can lead to several types of elbow injuries. At Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation, our workers compensation orthopedic doctors in Brooklyn can effectively treat multiple work-related elbow injuries. Continue reading to learn more!

Elbow injuries you can develop at work

You move your elbows a lot throughout the day, especially at work. This high amount of movement is why many people seek our workers compensation orthopedic doctors in Brooklyn. If you feel pain when extending or bending your elbow or when twisting your arm, you may be dealing with one or more of the following work-related elbow injuries:

  • Golfer’s Elbow – Golfer’s elbow isn’t only an injury you may pick up on the links. Any task that pulls on the inside of your elbow can lead to golfer’s elbow. Lifting objects from a table or workbench to your eye level can trigger this injury, especially if these movements are repeated throughout the day. Workers with golfer’s elbow may experience tenderness and pain inside the elbow that radiates down into their forearm and hand.
  • Tennis Elbow – While its name suggests otherwise, tennis elbow is not reserved for tennis athletes alone. Also known as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is the inflammation of the tendons that attach the forearm muscles to the outer elbow. Work movements like typing or moving your mouse can trigger this inflammation, and holding objects can become harder with this injury.
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome – Pinching of the ulnar nerve can be a serious problem for workers. This nerve runs from your neck to your hands and often gets pinched in the cubital tunnel in your elbow. Workers with cubital tunnel syndrome develop numbness in the fingers. This can cause weakened grip strength and decreased finger coordination, making tasks like typing and lifting objects more difficult.

We can help

If your elbow injury is making it difficult to get through the workday, Advanced Orthopedics & Joint Preservation is here to help. Our workers compensation orthopedic doctors in Brooklyn can diagnose your injury and develop a unique treatment plan founded on your specific symptoms and recovery goals. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about how we can address your work-related elbow injury.


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